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How to loose belly fat on a diet

After finally committing to a diet you are starting to see some results from all that hard work. Now that you're thinner your clothes fit better and you are more energetic. But still, there is that one area on your body that just seems to stick around longer than any other that keeps you wondering "how to lose belly fat" . Many people find that the most stubborn area to lose fat is that flabby stomach. But fear not. Here are some tips that you can do to help you to loose belly fat quickly

There are some foods that will aid you to lose belly fat. these are the kinds of foods that are low on the glycemic level which means that they have a low in sugar and thus will not trigger your body's insulin level to rise too much.

Insulin is known as the "fat hormone" and helps your body turn excessive sugar into stored fat. So while you are losing weight, start eating the kinds of foods that are low on the glycemic index as a way to loose belly fat

The effectiveness of your current way of dieting can be made even better by eating foods that are not only low on the GI but will help you full satisfied. Nothing is worst than always feeling unfulfilled with the food when you are trying to lose weight.Walnut, almonds, cheese and apples all make great snacks that have little impact on your blood sugar and more importantly they will satisfy both your hunger and appetite. As always chicken and fish are great main dish choices but many people think that red meat is a bad choice if you want to lose belly fat, but this is not the case as it make a perfect addition to your eating plan to loose belly fat and get fit.

What do you do for physical activity? If you have lost weight but still find it hard to lose belly fat the amount to exercise that you do on a daily basis may be the problem. Sure, you can start to lose weight just by limiting the amount of calories that you consume, but as your body adjust to receiving fewer calories, continued weight loss will become harder and harder, then next to impossible. That is when many people feel like they are in a trap. In order to avoid this feeling, combine the right diet with regular exercise is how to lose belly fat and get fit. Try to make exercise or physical activity something fun and convenient.

The reason why exercise is so important is because it raises your body's ability to burn fat. This is known as your metabolism. The speed of your metabolism ( a ratio of muscle to fat) determines how fast your body burns the energy (food) that you consume. Not everyone's metabolism is the same. We all know of someone who is very thin and can eat anything without gaining an ounce while we gain two inches of belly fat just looking at some dough nuts. What you may not realize is that dieting alone while effective in losing weight in the beginning, it will get harder and harder as the metabolism slows down.

Doing an activity that you like for at least 30mins. a day is considered sufficient as most experts would agree. And it can be any activity like swimming, tennis, walking on a treadmill. Another very effective approach to lose belly fat and to get fit quicker is by following an exercise plan that burns fat at least three time a week. This is not too hard to understand why this works so well The right type of exercise will increase your body's ability to shed body fat quickly even when you are sitting down and relaxing

It's good to see that you have made a commitment to a healthy lifestyle which includes the benefits of a more attractive and energetic appearance. When you put it all together how to lose belly fat is about implementing some simple techniques like substituting foods that are low on the glycemic index and following an effective workout plan at least three times a week. This is how to lose belly fat quickly
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