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Why Your Bodys Fat Burning Furnace Wont Work

Most people go on diet because they want to lead a healthier lifestyle and avoid astronomical medical bills. Research has shown that sixty percent of the adult population is overweight. This is a huge departure from the 19th century when ninety seven percent of the population was healthy. So, what happened in such a short period of time? It is so easy these days to put on unwanted weight. Let us have a look at why this is so;

Change in lifestyle and food: It is a well documented fact there are indeed diseases linked to lifestyle. For instance, if your idea of a meal is a bag of chips and a burger, then you could potentially end up with heart problems. The unsaturated fats in such foods clog major arteries in the body and overwork the heart. The result is increased cases of blood clots and heart attacks. This is surely a recipe for disaster. The good news is by eating healthy foods instead and exercising regularly, it is possible to keep the lifestyle diseases at bay.

Unhealthy work environments: Working today has been reduced to sitting in front of a bank of computer screens for long periods of time. Research has shown that this is a leading contributor of blood clots. Without movement, the body stores more fat as less energy is expended. Some employers have heeded the fitness and wellness call and are making their work environment less informal by including some form of physical activities like shooting hoops.

Dependence on cars and technology: We have become a nation of drivers. We invented drive in cinemas and followed that up with drive in fast food joints. We only walk in the house and in the office. This has left our bodies without avenues of burning excess weight. A walk to the news stand is fast becoming obsolete thanks to tablets and smart phones.

In light of these unflattering insights on today's society, what can be done to get those extra pounds off? The best option is to get the body moving. There are many ways to do that. One of the most popular ways is to get involved in a sport that you love. Jogging is a pastime of many including Hollywood stars. Others include bicycle riding, swimming, yoga, martial arts and basketball.

Another jab at the weight monster is to take dieting pills. Many people swear by dieting pills. If you are not one yet and have no idea which pills work and which ones don't, start by reading users reviews like the <b>Proactol reviews</b>. After you've done that, discuss the issue with your physician before you start popping the pills.
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