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New Years Fitness Resolutions How To SET Them Part 2

Keep the ball rolling!

In order for you to not waste time and energy it is important for you to keep the momentum going. You can do this by pre-planning your goals. You have already somewhat done so by setting seasonal goals. What happens sometimes is there is a let down between goals, once you have achieved one.

Have you ever felt depressed after reaching a goal or accomplishing something? Striving for something gives a sense of empowerment? When I won my first bodybuilding contest I had not planned on doing it again. After the contest with all the celebration going on around me, I felt sad and didn't understand why.

How could I feel sad in a time like this? Well, this particular journey and quest that each day for five years I woke up looking forward to was no longer. Now what do I look forward too? Nothing, I said. So I felt sad. I very valuable lesson learned on goal setting.

In other words, as you come up on reaching one, start thinking and strategizing how you are going to attain the next seasonal goal. However, do not lose sight of the present one. That is your main focus.

My point is to keep the momentum moving by staying ahead of the game by planning your path ahead of time. This saves a lot of time and energy. It is a lot easier steering a car while it is already moving rather than turning it in a parking lot sitting still. Set the yearly goal to give you the ultimate carrot to strive for. Then the seasonal goals should be set as steps to the yearly goal. Once the seasonal goal is met the momentum immediately shifts to the next.

Good luck and keep your goals rolling!

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