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Alternative Diet Program for 2009

Here we go again. 2009 is now upon us and a quite number of us have our own individual 搕o-do-list.?Not a few of us would list as our focus for 2009 is to lose weight. Most of us would want to lose excess pounds but deep inside we know that it is an uphill climb or a difficult, if not a losing, battle.
There are several special weight loss vacation diet programs which you may care to take a crack to beat the bulge.
The Ornish diet extreme makeover is a program which allows you to eat all you want and still maintain a Healthy Weight Loss. The secret behind the program is that it is a vegetarian diet. Developed by Dean Ornish, the diet does not limit your food intake but define what you should eat. As a replacement to fish and meat, the diet promotes eating beans, legumes, fruits, whole grains and vegetables. Foods that should be avoided are meats, sugars, dairy products and alcohol. The diet also stresses the need for a regular Mommy Makeover exercise.
Another type of diet is designed for those who love to eat meat. The Atkins diet is the best known and probably the most widely followed low-carbohydrate diet. Dr. Atkins believed high carbohydrate diet is the main culprit for obesity, thus, refined sugars, processed grains, and rice are avoided. Meat and saturated fats are fine as long as trans-fat is avoided. This diet program promotes fat burning by limiting carbohydrate intake and having the burn fat for energy. As with the Ornish Diet, the Atkins Diet also stresses regular exercise.
A diet program was developed by Dr. Barry Sears known as Zone Diet. This is a moderate diet of that follows a simple formula of balancing the intake of carbohydrates, proteins, and fats to percentage 40:30:30. The principle behind the program is to adjust metabolism, which will improve health and decrease fat. The Zone diet extreme makeover states eat as much protein as the palm of your hand, as many vegetables as you can stand, enough carbohydrates to keep normal brain function and enough mono-saturated fats to keep you feeling full.
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