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Avoid weight gain during holidays

Holiday season is synonymous to partying and over indulgencing. Therefore, one need to pay extra attention to one’s eating habits in order to avoid holiday weight gain.


holiday weight gain


During the festive season plenty of good foods are available, it becomes difficult to resist the temptation. With little efforts and caution, one can avoid gaining weight during holidays. The following are some of the tips through which you can keep your weight gain in check during the holidays:


Always eat before you drink

Never visit a party with an empty stomach. It is advisable to have a healthy and nutritious snack before leaving for a party. This will fill your stomach and thus will prevent you from having the unhealthy and calorie-laden foods available at party. However, if you fail to have snacks prior to the party, fill your stomach with a glass of water before helping yourself with the dinner.

Divert yourself from food

Diverting your attention off the food also helps in avoiding holiday weight gain. Some people perceive holidays as an occasion for eating which leads to weight gain and eating disorders. For such people, it is necessary to take their minds off the food and concentrate on various other activities. If you are visiting a party, try to indulge in chatting or dancing so that your mind is not occupied with food all the time.


Don’t skip meals

Some people commit the mistake of skipping meals in order to avoid gaining weight in the festive season. However, it does more harm than good. Skipping meals slows down the speed of metabolism, which in turn results in weight gain. Therefore, it is always advisable to have healthy and nutritious meals at regular intervals.


Resist the temptations

No one is capable of resisting the temptation of good food completely. However hard you try, you fall to temptation to some extent. In such a case, you should be very selective and eat the food that you really want to. Also, keep a check on the size of each serving. This will keep you satisfied and will also prevent you from over indulging.

Practice proportionate eating

To keep your weight during holidays under check, practice proportionate eating. Fill three quarters of your plate with healthy preparations like vegetables and food grains and only the remaining one quarter of the plate with calorie laden foods.


Don’t forget daily exercise

Most of the people give up on their daily workouts during the holidays as they are occupied with various holiday and festival errands which results in weight gain. Therefore, it is very necessary to stick to the daily workout routine even during the holidays. Apart from that, the people who do not follow any workout routine during the normal days should also make an effort to do some kind of physical activities in order to compensate the consumption of extra calories.


Staying healthy during holidays is very important so that you can enjoy the festive season to the maximum. So, keep the above mentioned points in mind in order to avoid holiday weight gain.



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