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How to Lose Weight in 2 Easy Steps

     I imagine the pessimism on your mind when someone says just follow these 2 simple steps, but it's true. Those late-night infomercials and all those ads you see on the internet would have you believe it's complex or that you need to pay money for extra help, but those are really not needed in most cases.

So, you are most likely thinking to yourself, "So, what are these 2 amazing steps then?". Well, here they are without further ado.

1. Diet.

2. Exercise.

I know that's very simple, but that was the easy answer. Now comes the explanation, which shows just how easy it really is.

First, you need to adopt a better diet. You don't need to go on those weird foods or anything of the like. Your goal is to get your calorie intake down. Identify your high-calorie foods you eat, and substitute in something more reasonable. The lower, the better, and the faster the results.

You may want to start reading labels in the supermarket. Some foods look the same, but can vary greatly in their content. You really can still have many of the foods you enjoy, you may just have to avoid a few of the worst ones. Avoid fast food, which in general is high in calories. Switch to diet soda. Once you get used to a couple of changes, it will actually be normal and you'll be the better for it.

Second, exercise. It's inevitable, and not always 100% necessary, but it sure does work. First, you burn calories, and thus burn fat. It's a simple equation. When you take in more calories than you burn, it is stored as fat. When you burn more than you eat, the fat is reversed. That simple. As a side effect, even though muscle weighs more than fat, you will look much better and lean.

Sometimes you can do things to make exercise go easier. Try watching a movie while working out (treadmill or exercise bike), or listening to the radio. There are many great exercise shows on which can make the time go quick as well. Just find what works for you, and you'll get to the point where exercising feels as normal as walking to your car. Once you get used to exercising and it becomes habit, you have gone a long, long way to keeping off the weight permanently.

By attacking weight loss from these 2 angles, you take on weight loss twice as fast. Stick with it (the most important thing of all), and it'll be permanent weight loss. Most people that fail at diets, actually succeed at first, but as the weight goes, they slack off, or stop dieting altogether. This leads to gaining the weight right back, and then some.

Just 2 simple steps: diet and exercise. Just watch what you eat, and try to do at least a little exercise every day. If you take nothing else from this article, take this: Whatever you choose to do, stick with it, no matter how small it is.

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