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The Real Answers On How To Reduce Belly Fat

     Put down the diet books, get off the couch, and get busy learning how to reduce belly fat once and for all. No fad diet or gimmicky store bought product can do the work for you, but with a little commitment and patience you can in fact achieve the well toned stomach you dream of having.

If you want to really trim down and shed the fat from your tummy you can expect it to take a little time and a lot of dedicated work. This is not something that is going to happen overnight, but it can make such a drastic improvement to how you look and feel that it is well worth the wait.

There is no way to force your body to shed the fat from your stomach in particular, so in order to reduce fat in the belly you will have to reduce fat from your body as a whole. Some people are lucky and notice a difference in their stomach right away while others will have to wait as it comes from other parts of the body first. This determination is made by your body, so there is no use fighting against the process.

Exercise is the easiest way to begin shedding the fat. The more you move the more fat you will burn off on a daily basis, so start aiming for more cardio sessions. Strength training is also useful, but cardio is what will melt the fat layers off of the muscles you are toning. The best strategy is to get in the cardio now and burn off the fat, then bulk up the muscles for nicely defined tone when they can be seen more clearly.

If you can do interval training by adding in faster, more intense bursts of activity into your workouts, you can burn even more fat during every session. Also, remember to shake things up and do a variety of workouts so your body doesn't get too used to one thing and start working less to get the work done. You want to continually increase your work load, length of workouts, or do something totally different every month or so.

This is how you want it to work ultimately: you become more active so your body goes searching for more energy to get through these intense exercise sessions. At the same time you are eating a healthy diet and restricting calories, so the only place to get that extra energy is to dig into the stored fat cells.

For starters, you want to eat on a regular basis; about every 3-4 hours. You also want to restrict foods that are more likely to be stored as fat and go with foods more likely to burn right off as energy.

Think of simple substitutions for the foods you currently eat. You want whole grains in the place of refined grains. Vegetables and fruits can be nice exchanges for sugary desserts. Water is always better than high calorie or sugar drenched drinks. Lean protein will fill you up without the greasy hangover from fatty meats.

While this may not seem like the most attractive way to reduce belly fat, it is the only way that works for long term weight loss and overall health. You will be surprised how quickly you start seeing improvements in your body after making these changes.

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