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How can you lose weight quickly within a week and a few days?

How can you lose weight quickly within a week and a few days?

THIS WILL NOT BE PERMANENT WEIGHT LOSS. It also is pretty unhealthy. 1) eat nothing for as long as you possibly can. When you do eat, consume nothing except raw fruits and vegetables-- juiced if you are able. If you are seriously overweight, you can probably fast for 3 or 4 days at a stretch. Don't forget to take your vitamins! 2) Drink as much water as you can-- AT LEAST a gallon a day. Only drink black coffee or tea and water. 3) Exercise for 30-45 min 2x a day. 4) Sauna daily. 5) Take laxatives and diuretics. This should take off about 10 lbs in a week. I've done it before. Note: as soon as you start eating, the weight will come back. It's much better to start on a real long-term diet and exercise program.
THAT IS VERY DANGEROUS! DO NOT ATTEMPT THAT! LAXATIVES DON'T WORK, AND WHEN YOU STARVE YOURSELF YOUR BODY RETAINS FAT! PLEASE DON'T EVER TRY SOMETHING AS STUPID AND DANGEROUS AS THAT! This is VERY unsafe. If you are literally fasting, it is not good to drink a lot of water because it will give you headaches. Also, caffiene from coffee is a stimulant and I do not know WHY you would want a stimulant in your body while you are already lacking energy from limited calorie intake. Fasting CAN be done the right way, but it takesa calm mind, lots of preparation and you have to be willing to go very easy on your body physically as well. A pure water fast is the fastest weight loss method out there, however itis dangerous for those who have never tried abstaining from food for long periods of time. You would probably want to start on a juice diet or fruitarian diet and then try to move on to pure water. You will get headaches and you may get sick because as well as ridding the body of excess fat, the body also removes all of the stored oxins which once re released into the blood stream can make you feel really weak, light headed, or sick. Check out the article on wikipedia, that should tellyou more. But you should NEVER drink coffee and exercise on a restricted calorie diet consiting of raw foods. that is absurd.
Don't fast if you want to lose weight!! You won't be able to tone up, as you can't do any exercise, and you'll be left with saggy skin..

Actually rapid weight loss is not healthy… but if you don't worry about gaining weight back, then you can go for the good morning diet and lose few pounds of water from your body. But mind you, if you start eating normal food, the rebound weight gain will be drastic…

These answers always go for the superlatives. Its a state of desperation, but that is understandable. BUT - like the guy above says - this can be DANGEROUS GROUND!

I think two MAJOR things are happening here.
1) We all know that the scenarios and advice given above are (in their own ways) touching on things we've all felt - we've been there...but it didn't work.

2) We all know deep down inside that what is causing most of the weight gain (and the pain and hurt that that brings) - is subliminally based on the psychological.

So..I'll lead this straight into NUMBER 3 (it's the MAGIC NUMBER)

3) Check out what combines treatment for your DISEASE with psychology (from REAL psychologists), physiology (from REAL physiologists) and Hypnotherapy (from - yeah - the best around!). The blended approach is affordable and delivers tangible results! Forget the fads. This is YOU we are talking about. Check out the testimonials and decide for yourself.

But I tell you this - you will find the answer to the question at the top of this wiki - and it won't be what you're expecting and it won't be a fly-by-night solution.
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