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weird weight

QuestionHello!  I was needing to ask a question about where


QuestionHello ..!    My name is AMIT.I am 26 ye

Good exercises to do for weight loss

QuestionHi Marci, I wanted to know what exercises are good to d

Belly fat

QuestionI am 59 and weigh 162 Lbs. I have been eating properly a

Too confused.

QuestionHey Marci, I need some help understanding my body type an

Help! Ive plateaued!

QuestionHi Marci! My name is Laura. Im a 22-year-old female and m


Questionhow do i increase my metabolic rate so as to lose weight?

First Physical exam

QuestionI am supposed to be having a full physical exam soon. Ive


QuestionIm a 15 1/2 year old 6 foot two guy and I have a question

Im over weight and unhappy.

QuestionI have been over weight basically my whole life. I am a 1

how much am i supposed to weigh?

Question Hi. My name is Meghan and i am 12 and 4 feet and 11 inch

Getting Off the last few pounds

QuestionHi, I dont know if you can help me but Ill give it a shot


QuestionMatt I am 48.All my life I have ben chubby,although I don

man boobs

QuestionIm 15 and have had man boobs since I was about 12. i was


Questionhi. thanks for that and i will certainly follow that advi

Sagging skin after weight loss

QuestionHi Matt: Im a 41 year old male who is 59 and about 225 l

Weight Loss (what else...)

QuestionHey! Im 17 years old, and Im not really fat but I do hav

fat fat fat poor fat

QuestionHi Arkady, hey I love cakes, I really love them, but I am

loose skin

QuestionI am now 28 yrs old. I have had 2 Kids. my top weight was


QuestionHi Matt I am 48,58 225 pounds. Starting to lose a little

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