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leg lift

QuestionIve always had heavy legs and after losing weight I have

lap band procedure

QuestionHi jacqueline  My name is Bekky.  Im 24 and my

Bypass Nutrition

QuestionI had an MGB (Mini Gastric Bypass) in September and am do

18 months post op (RNY)

QuestionI lost 150lbs the first year as I started at 415lbs but h

post op & preg weight

QuestionI had gastric bypass surgery in Dec 2001 and went from 28

Armour Thyroid

QuestionHello I am male,48. I am sick of being overweight. I am s

I stopped losing - help

QuestionI had a RNY about 14 months ago and have lost about 100 p

bariatric surgery..30 years later

QuestionAt age 25, weighing 400+ I had intestional Bypass..with w

Lap band surgery overseas.

QuestionI am 58, 6?? and weigh about 230.  I抳e tried eating

lapband surgery

QuestionI am a 31 year old female. I have an ileostomy and weigh


Questionhi there again i sent you an email yesterday and i thank

lap band and drinking

QuestionMy question is what happens if you have a few too many dr

My Husband had a full gastric bypass: can he have lap band?

QuestionMy husband had a full gastric bypass in 1997.  He wa

Removal of LapBand and doing RounY Gastric Bypass

QuestionI recently had to have my lap band removed due to 2 surge

revision following a lap band removal

QuestionA couple weeks ago I had to have my lap band removed afte

Lap-Brand or Gastric Bypass

QuestionMy husband is considering having either Gastric Bypass or

B 6

QuestionI am seeing a chirpractor and wanted me to get off tyleno

symptoms months after bariatric surgery

QuestionThank you. I live in U.K, my daughter last year had a gas

Need Guidance

QuestionHi Monica: A mutual acquaintance told me about your incre


QuestionI am interested in having surgery to make my body smaller

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