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QuestionIs it possible to eat too much canned tuna?  Solid w

Goal Weight

QuestionHi I am currantly trying to lose weight and have tried go


Questionhello, i am a 30 yo male i am 58 169 lbs with 15% body

Paleo Diet

Questionwhat is Paleolithic Diet / paleo diet? how does it work?

Im 14 years old and Im 54,...

QuestionIm 14 years old and Im 54,  I really want to grow to

about food and pills

Question Hope you can answer this for me i am trying to lose weig

whole wheat bread

QuestionI get so confused reading food labels.  Everyone say

how did you do it?

QuestionPlease give me some tips for weight loss that are realist


QuestionI know that my 22 month old daughter is predisposed to be

healthy brownie

Questionjust wondering if you can find a fudge brownie recipe tha

High Choresterol & high HDL or Good Number & Low HDL...

QuestionOk, I am just 37 yrs old, I have not had my cholesterol t


QuestionIn your opinion, is cortisol a major factor in abdominal


QuestionHI:About how much(1cup,etc.) walnuts should I eat weekly


QuestionHi Mark, Could you explain to me what sweetener is better

Hunger on a diet

QuestionHi, Ive succeeded in dropping about 25 pounds over the pa

Pilates Exercise

QuestionI have recently started a class in pilates as well as a p

Healthy AND low-carb AND vegetarian??

QuestionHello- Thanks in advance for your help. I am a vegetarian

Spacing out supplements over the day?

QuestionHi, Are you aware of any studies analyzing the effect of

9 year old

QuestionHi, I have a 9-year-old that loves food (including frui

Teen weightloss

QuestionHi Im a 14 year old Female and Im about 50 125 lbs when i

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