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Quite a few years ago avicel, a cellulose-based zero-calorie food additive was developed and showed great promise for dieters, but I have seen no references to it since.  A Google search didn't turn up much.  Do you know why it apparently live up to it's hype?  At this point in my life I could use something like that!   Thank you.

I hadn't heard of it before but I just looked it up. It sounds like a great replacement agent for fats and flour, but I don't see any evidence of it being used in any food as of now. Perhaps it's a matter of food companies testing recipes and tastes with consumers, or the fact that too many consumers are loathe to find another "fake" ingredient in their food.
I'm curious when you say at this point you could use something  like that, what it is you expect from this ingredient? We already have numerous sugar and fat replacers and we haven't yet seen a decline in obesity or the chronic diseases that go along with it!

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