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want to loose 10 pound

QUESTION: hello,

i am 25 year indian woman with 122 lbs weight and 5.4 height..
my most concern is to loose weight.. i work really hard at gym 5 times a week for 1 hour and 15 to 20 minutes.. i do 20 minutes eleptical and 20 minutes running or very fast hill walking.. and at after noon i do go for aerobics class for 45 minutes..
i am vegetarian.. i eat one grapfruite and one apple at morning.. and some veggie or fruits at lunch and at dinner i eat two whole wheat bread with sprouts and veggeis and one cup of fat free milk..
i make my shelf on weekends diet free.. i eat one apple with one cup fat free milk and one w w toast at morning and one or two fiber cereal bar for snake and some times i eat one slice of pizza or maxican food in weekends..
i always try to make my shelf not to eat high carb food..
i have my all fat at my thighs and hips area..

i dont know why its really hard for me to loose weight..
can you please suggest me good nutrition and diet so i can loose 10 to 12 pound by next two month..

your help would be appriciated..\

meal replacement shake with added protein
meal replacement shake  
ANSWER: Hi Supriya,

I appreciate and congratulate you for trying so hard. Unfortunately, the media has given out the wrong message for people who want to lose weight( Fat), and most people are either eating too many carbs (sugar) or are starving themselves. I am afraid to say that you are doing the latter.

The food you have chosen is very low in what your body needs and you are eating no where near the amount needed to raise your metabolism to burn fat.

As a vegetarian you have the added challenge of getting enough protein to support all of these systems your body uses to survive and burn fat.

Each meal should consist of quality protein and carbs,and some fresh veg, and the portion sizes should be the size of your fist.

I would recommend you eat 6 small meals a day, drink 8-10 glasses of water. Quality protein can come from eggs/soy/nuts and seeds, low fat cottage cheese.

Quality carbs comes from wholegrains, lentils, beans,wholewheat, oatbran.

I would also recommend that you have 1 day a week as an' eat what you want' day.

the exercises you are doing are all cardio and this is not the most efficient way of losing fat and getting a toned body. Alternate with weights each day, and make sure you give it a high intensity for about 40 mins. the cardio exercises should only really last about 20-30 mins and, at best, should involve quick bursts of movement ( interval training).

If you are traditional Indian, then I understand how difficult it may be to do all this ( and especially the protein side), so I would recommend using meal replacement shakes like I use. They are delicious and take no time to make. You can carry them with you and they give you everything your body needs in one go. You can find out more about them on my site below.

All the best

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Thanks for your reply..

Can you please set up my diet and meal according to my workout..
i have a question that is it ok to give my shelf what ever i want to eat in weekeds to loose 10 to 13 pounds in two month..

please help me on my diet and meal..

ANSWER: Hi Supriya,

I appreciate what you are trying to do but what you now ask is my bread and butter income means! I hope that anyone who provides a question to me and gets a great answer will consider my services.

Putting together a personalised meal plan takes a lot of time and work, so if you are serious about this and definitely agree to work with me to achieve your goal of 10-13lbs in 2 months ( and I'll show you how to do it while enjoying your weekend!) then please register as a client on my site at www.thinkslimntrim.org

I can help no matter where you live and provide the support through skype/email/text/phone (where possible).

Looking forward to helping you.


---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------


Now increasing little bit of calorie in diet and protein i am loosing fat but i have gain 2 pound weight.. my goal is to loose fat and weight both..
I will surely try this meal replace sake..

Please help me..


I need you to register on my site at http://www.thinkslimntrim.org as I am not allowed to ask for telephone numbers on  AllExperts site.

As for gaining weight...do not look at the scales as they don't tell the full truth. As long as you are feeling better and your bodyshape s]changes for the best, that is what you ultimately want. The 2 pound in weight should be lean muscle, which will increase your metabolism and increase the fat burn, so keep it up.

The shakes will absolutely help you to get to your goal.


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