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Is this Indian dish healthy?


I have recently started experimenting with home cooked Indian food, and I wondered if the following method/recipe is healthy:

- I use all fresh ingredients
- I prepare the curry base with onion, pepper, carrots, tomatoes and the usual Indian spices
- I fry in extra virgin olive oil, adding onions, red peppers, chili peppers in a pan, adding fresh organic chicken
- I add a teaspoon of salt
- I serve with brown rice and the occasional naan bread

I also make sure I don't feel bloated with heavy portions.

So, do you think this is a healthy meal? If so, why? If not, why not?

I appreciate your time and help.




Hi Nick,

Thanks for writing in!

I could make it a long answer, but why should I?!
This is a perfectly healthy meal and by the sound of it you have already done your research and homework.

- You cook in olive oil, which is much healthier than the greasy butter what most Indian restaurants use.
- You use brown rice, which is healthier than normal white rice.
- You know that too much or to often naan will make you gain extra pounds. (that is a bit of a mind read)
- And you don't eat until you feel bloated.

On top of that, the spices use in the Indian cuisine plus the use of red pepper are very healthy supplements and I suggest you do some research on the internet to see what spices do what for you.

Do try different things and I appreciate your hunger for advice when it comes to feeding yourself.

With gratitude,

Ego Invenio  
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