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Bone density and Muscle building


Manly physique

I am a 5'4, 135 pound female with no exercise routine, a protein diet and a overly sedentary lifestyle. I have a pretty manly physique. At this stage in my life everytime I consume something it converts to bone, how can I convert some of my fat to muscle (diet wise)? Also, I have 20 pound, 40 pound and 60 pound weights and a treadmill to use. How can I use them for optimal body performance? If I did not exercise for a year and then attempted to exercise the next year would I get the same results as if I had exercised for a year?

You cannot eat something and convert it to bone, nor can you convert fat to muscle. You have to BURN off fat and BUILD muscle.

I think you know what you need to do?you need to eat right and exercise. For specifics on exactly what to do, see my web site.

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Richard Rost

P.S. As a disclaimer, I'm not a doctor or health professional. Please seek the advice of your doctor before implementing any of my recommendations.

I hope this information helps to solve your problem. If there is ANY REASON why you won't give me a RATING of 10 please let me know so I can improve upon my answers in the future. Thank you!

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