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Hey, I have several questions about what my diet as a gymnast shoud be.

First let me say I am 15 years old. I just started gymnastics for the first time ever in November. Our season is over now and I am planning to take off season training to get much better. I was not able to do a pullover the entire season. A couple girls told me it was because i weighted too much. I know this is true and i am wondering if you could help me plan a diet that will help me build muscle and lose the weight before i start my offseason training. I weight about 145. That's so much. If you could help me i would really appreciate it!


I cant do a personalized diet here on the spot its to complicated, time consuming and would be unfair to paying clients but I can give some pointers.

#1 real food, make your diet consist of just simply lots of real on processed foods, Meat, fish, poultry, eggs, dairy, fruits, veggies, nuts etc. Stay away from processed grains and empty calories.

#2 Base each meal on protein, Protein helps retain muscle, helps keep you full and has a High TEF, it is expensive to digest takes a lot of energy to digest.

#3 eat small meals all day. 6-8 small meals as opposed to 3 big ones. This is more important when trying to lose fat. You have to keep that metabolsim running all day, lots of small meals and not going into starvation for long at any given time.

#4 LOTS of green veggies. Load up of lettuce, cucumber, broccoli, etc, this thing have tins of nutrients, they are almost negative in calorie count after digestion and have tons of fiber, keep you full

#5 eat your fats, Eat fat to lose fat, Fish oils, olive oil, nuts, and even some saturated fats, You need these for health performance and to lose fat.

#6 STAY hydrated, drink lots of liquids more then enough

If you desire something more indepth I urge you to consider a nutrition consult with myself or moreso Dr. Lonnie Lowery you can find them on our website below, Also consider joining our free discussion forum


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