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medications and supplements

My husband has high blood pressure and takes 4 medications, one of which is a blood thinner or water pill (to take excess water from his blood).  Recently someone has talked to us about the Sun Rider prouducts and I would like to know what you think of this product line.  Is it safe to take with medications?  One thing I read that was of concern is that it "causes water retention".  May I please have your input.   Also, what is your opinion on Kangen Water from Japan?


I cannot comment on the products or company as I have never heard of them.
I had a quick look on the internet and it looks like the Kangen water is just a gimic that people will pay handsomely for.

Sun Rider looks similar to what I do but I have never tried any of their products nor do i know of anyone who has.

If any product has a warning about dosages or whether it is safe to take with medication, then I would avoid it.

A true herbal food product will be safe for anyone to use with or without medication, as it is just pure food.

I would recommend looking into the causes of your husband's blood pressure and then target the supplements accordingly. I would not be surprised if was stress or nutrition based.

All the best.
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