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Model figure

Ok I am 14 years of age 5'4 a female and I weigh 116.5 is that a healthy weight? I'm trying to be a model(like every other girl right?) Any advice I want abbs and a healthy diet not mcdonalds for dinner and some chinese fast food for lunch any tips? sorry for these really wierd I wanna be a model fitness questions but you category seemed to fit so can you help me?

Hi Katheryn!  Congratulations on your desire & strong motivation to improve yourself, and follow your goals & dreams!  You are definitely on the right track to achieving your dreams, since you have identified specifically what you want (to be a model), and you have already acknowledged that you are willing to do the work & make sacrifices, not  a quick "easy fix" (you want to eat a healthy diet, not mcdonalds or chinese food).
With that being said, let's focus on the practical side of what it takes to be a model.  You are 5'4", and at a reasonable weight for your height.  You know that at your height, runway modelling is probably not going to be an option, as modelling agencies don't usually accept anyone under 5'10".  It was unclear to me if you wanted to do 'mainstream modelling' or 'fitness modelling' only----the main difference is that mainstream modelling is usually just concerned with being skinny/very slim, whereas fitness models concentrate on "lean, toned feminine muscle".  Fitness modelling is probably alot easier to break into as well, and one of the easiest ways to get started is to compete in a fitness model show.   By doing this, you will get in competition shape, be able to meet photographers at the show, network with magazine editors, supplement companies, exercise companies, etc who attend the show (if it is a large show).  The whole purpose of competing is to present yourself in a "marketable shape", in other words, show them what they'd get if they were to hire you to do an ad for their workout supplements, etc.  Two really good organizations that offer fitness model competitions are www.musclemania.com, and www.myspace.com/fas-net (Fitness & Sports Network).  If you go to these sites, they have pictures of other competitors/models, and all the rules of how to enter the show.  I'm not sure on the ages--you might have to be 16 yrs of age to enter, but check with them first.  Besides, it will take a little while to develop your physique to this point anyway!    For REALLY good advice on how to get started in fitness, working out, fitness modelling, fashion tips for fitness, I recommend Oxygen Magazine  www.oxygenmag.com       This is dedicated to women's fitness, and they have an online forum so you can ask other people for tips to guide you through the competition process!
This should help you get started on your pathway to success in fitness modelling!
As far as your weight goes, don't focus specifically on the weight itself, rather, you should be focusing on your bodyfat levels!   Although that weight sounds reasonable for your height/age/gender, it doesn't tell me anything about how your bodyfat is distributed throughout your body.   When you focus on proper diet & exercise, the actual numbers become less of a concern, and you focus more on visual cues, like the mirror, or how your clothing fits, etc.   You will find all you need on the oxygen site!     Have fun katheryn!
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