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mass weight gainer

Endura mass weight gainer
Endura mass weight gai  
Is that Endura mass a weight gainer is safe for me ?
My info- i am 20 years old and i am look like skinny guy cause of this i have started to take this supplement (endura mass weight gainer) but after that my friend who is learning in MBBS he told me that dont use that it causes kidney problem,infertility problem and many more cause it contains steroids .
So i am worried about it cause i already started to use that
(pics is attached by this question of tht product n my pic )

Hi Rahul,
I reviewed the product in question. No offense to your friend but there is no truth to his claims at all. In fact his assumptions are rather outlandish. I will breakdown each ingredient as they appear on the label from the Endura web site.

WHOLE MILK- This is cows milk in its whole form. No fat has been removed. Milk is an excellent source of protein. Protein is necessary for the building and maintain of muscle tissue.

SKIM MILK- This again is cows milk but with the greater majority or all of the fat removed. skim milk usually contains higher levels of lactose (milk sugar). Lactose occurs naturally and is generally harmless unless you suffer from digestive disorders.

MALTOS DEXTRIN- I assume they mean maltodextrin which is a starchy carbohydrate made from corn or wheat, depending on what region you live in. It is basically a food additive and in this case added to increase calories. Carbohydrates are necessary for hard gainers or those who have issues putting weight on. While there are better forms of carbs that could be added, like oats, maltodextrin is not necessary harmful.
If I'm wrong on my assumption then maltose and dextrin on their own are both starches from the sugar family. Again their purpose is as stated above. They are not the best choice but none the less not as dangerous as your friend suggested.
Using simple starches like this is just to keep manufacturing costs down as using other forms of carbohydrates can be expensive.

SOY PROTEIN- This is a form of protein derived from soy beans. It is perfectly safe and even has health benefits such as cholesterol control. It is added for a protein source, same reason as milk.

SUCROSE- This is sugar, what is known as regular table sugar. It is added likely to make the drink taste better and it does serve as a carb source. Excess sugar is not good for you but not going to cause some of the issues your friend stated.

MINERALS & VITAMINS- Added for nutritional support. It does not disclose what vitamins and minerals but these are generally harmless.

FLAVORS & PRESERATIVES- Added flavor like chocolate or vanilla are simply added to make the drink taste good. Preseratives do what their name says, preserves the product for longer shelf life. Both are generally harmless.

all this said, this product may not use the highest quality ingredients, it is far from dangerous.

Despite the claims, protein does not cause kidney damage in healthy individuals and there is no valid research that proves it does.
Nothing in this drink will cause infertility.
And finally nothing in the product is even close to being mistaken as an anabolic steroid. As far as I know anabolics are illegal in India and no legitimate manufacturer of a product would add banned substances to their products. There are a lot of incorrect assumptions that workout supplements are anabolic steroids, this is not true in any sense and furthermore this product doesn't even contain any type of legal workout supplement. It is basically milk and sugar.

Again, no disrespect to your friend but if he is training to be a doctor I suggest he research nutrition before making such assumptions.

I hope this helps.  
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