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Scared of eating

I have been dieting since January, and have lost about 39 pounts, Im 5'7, female, 21yrs old and now weigh around 129 pounds. Im now at the point where I dont want to lose anymore, but also dont want to gain any! Im so scared to put on weight as I struggled to lose it. I exercise everyday for 40 minutes, and rarely eat more than 700 calories a day. I also read that doing this over a long period of time means weight gain is easier if I was to start to eat more normally. I really worry over this, and Im scared its taking over my life ! Could you offer any advice?

It's a crap shoot - some people can diet drastically like this for just a few days before their metabolism is messed up for sometimes YEARS!  Why take that chance? When the weight starts coming back on, it won't stop. You will hate it that every time you go a week, month or longer in near starvation, no joy in life, no normalcy, the scale keeps going up and up.  It's horrible! I know, because I've been there!

The fact that you're YOUNG and can fix this early is a good thing, but you really need to commit to fixing it.
 Go to my site for details about how (click NOT Another Diet when there)
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Let me know how you do - catching this early is key!  
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