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Hello. I am 23 years old female having problem with my body and I would like to know how it ( if ) can be fixed. I am slim, tall 183 cm ( 72 inch) and my weight is 86 kg ( 191 lb ). Even I am  not fat ( my waist is unusually slim 70 cm ( 27.5 inch ) but I have very wide hips, long legs and very big thighs. My thighs give me a lot of weight. I have no dimples or cellulite there ( some layer of fat is there ), I do a lot of sport but I am not able to make my enormous thighs smaller and lighter ( even shape of them is good ). Is any chance for me or any special dieting able to help me with my problem ? Thanks.


Hi Silvia, our genes affect how our fat is stored: for some people in their stomach, some others in their upper arm or some like your case, in their thigh.

If you lose weight/fat, gradually, your thigh will be smaller too. You might not feel fat because your waist is small, however, there is excess fat stored in your thigh. The only way that you can get rid of it is to lose weight/fat. Your ideal weight should be around 147-183 lbs.

If you want to try my method, this is one of my slimming recipe:

Good luck,
Linda Yo
Certified Weight Consultant
Author of Asian Slim Secrets

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