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Macronutrient Ratios

What do you feel is the ideal ratio for protein, fat, and carbohydrates, as far as percentage of calories.

I'm really not certain. RAFers vary widely in their opinions, citing all sorts of "ideal" figures for carbs. I find that raw zero carb really doesn't work for me. At the same time, going in for high-carb doesn't work for me, either. I don't personally follow strict rules re calorie-counting as I find that micromanaging a diet leads to becoming overly obsessive re dietary rules etc. - I just follow a rule of preferring  raw fat(ie fatty meats/some organs like tongue/marrow/suet) to raw protein(ie lean meats) and raw protein to raw carbs, but I still eat carbs in the form of raw fruit and the occasional raw vegetable. So, I'll usually have a main-meal each day consisting of  a fatty(grassfed/organic) muscle-meat or organ-meat, with every 2nd or 3rd day,adding in a sizeable amount of raw organic fruit, c.30 minutes later. Of course, this changes here and there, as sometimes meat-supplies dry out temporarily etc., so that I then resort to lean meats/organs or raw fruit, instead)

Raw zero-carbers tend to be more focused on percentages. They tend to claim needed ratios of raw animal fat as 60-80% with protein being 20-40%(most claim 80% fat/20% protein as ideal).

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