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8 Things That Happen When You Finally Stop Drinking Diet Soda

You've decided to give up diet soda—good idea! Maybe you wer

6 Ways To Get Started When You Have 50+ Pounds To Lose

The steeper the mountain, the more difficult the first step is. And if

10 Rules To Live By For Long-Lasting Weight Loss

Whether you've already reached your weight loss goal and you find

8 Weight Loss Secrets No One But Nutritionists Know

Everywhere you turn, there's a different diet book or plan promisi

The Top 9 Best Exercises For Weight Loss, Ranked In Order Of Effectiveness

Cranking out any kind of exercise on the regular can help you lose wei

50 Ways To Get Started When You Have Lots Of Weight To Lose

Losing weight is a long, bumpy road. What works for one person can be

The 10 Biggest Mistakes You Make When Youre Trying to Lose 50-Plus Pounds

Planning to drop a lot of pounds? You'll be happy to know that the

11 Things Women Whove Lost 50+ Pounds Want You To Know

Dropping a quarter of your body weight and keeping it off is an incred

10 Ways To Lose Weight Without Even Trying

You won't lose fat by camping out on the couch. But you don't

6 Foods Thin Women Eat Every Day

Seductive, misleading, unhealthy: We're not talking about that bad

5 Daily Habits Of Someone With A Flat Belly

It's not all about planks and salads. The secret to getting and ma

15 Foods Nutritionists Eat Every Day

Yes, variety is the spice of life—and one of the keys to a balan

6 Habits People With Healthy Weights Have In Common

When you're trying to lose some weight, it can be tempting to jump

6 Foods That Can Lower Your Appetite

Hmm…nuts or popcorn? Yogurt or apple? Salmon salad or turkey wr

5 Foods That Can Help You Burn More Fat

Let's be super clear: Despite the latest claims, no one superfood

Have More Than 50 Pounds To Lose? Here Are 10 Ways To Get Started

Losing those "last 10 pounds" is one thing—pretty much

7 Foods Nutritionists Eat To Boost Their Metabolism

Nutritionists know that our metabolism—the rate at which we torc

19 Ways To Really, Finally Keep The Weight Off For Good

You hit your weight loss goals! Woot!   So now what? Apart from

7 Ways Nutritionists Eat Out Without Gaining Weight

Restaurants are setting you up to fail: Low-calorie dishes can have bo

7 Things That Only Someone Trying To Lose Weight Over 40 Understands

Time rarely grants favors. OK, wisdom, maturity, and a healthy perspec

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