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The Truth about Waist Training

It starts with the Kardashians and Jenners, the Borg Collective of unm

Do Any Diet Pills Actually Work?  

It’s normally safe to assume that any pill promising weight loss

How Taking a Cheat Day Can Help You Lose Weight  

Finally, a study proves that potato chips can help you get lean: Cheat

Eating Speed and Obesity  

Speed through supper and your gut may pay the price: Finishing your me

Is Being Fat Worse than Not Exercising?  

Carry a few too many extra pounds around your middle, and all the burp

Get Rid of a Food Craving  

Food cravings are like weeds in your lawn: They pop up out of nowhere,

The Best Exercise and Diet Plan For Losing Weight While Gaining Muscle  

Muscle changes everything. The better your body composition—that

The Amount of Weight to Lose to Protect Against Heart Disease and Diabetes  

You don’t need to mimic the contestants on The Biggest Loser to

5 Ways to Lose Weight Overnight  

Getting a poor night’s sleep doesn’t just make you cranky&

How Drinking Water Can Help You Eat Less and Lose Weight  

The equation for fat loss—burn more calories than you take in&md

5 Easy Ways to Rev Up Your Metabolism

Even before you start exercising, you can use plenty of tricks to elim

8 Ways to Tame a Raging Appetite

When your stomach is screaming, "Feed me!", all you want to

The Truth Behind 5 Food Myths  

It goes like this: A client looking to lead a healthier life hires me,

Exercises That Will Increase Your Metabolism

Question: What can I do to increase my metabolism?   (from r

The Best Breakfast For Weight Loss

Question: What are the best foods to eat in the morning for weight los

Eat Better on a Budget

Question: Dieting is expensive. How can I diet with a low income? &nbs

Why You Snack More at Night

Ever wonder why you get the midnight munchies? Your brain’s rewa

How Loud Noise Affects Your Taste

It isn’t always easy adjusting to life at 30,000 feet—and

How to Buy Healthy Food

Snack smart before you fill your cart: Eating just one piece of fruit

6 Rules Every Dieter Should Live By  

I’ve written about fitness and nutrition for 23 years and counti

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