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Weight loss and homeopathy

Lets talk about the obesity, obesity is the biggest problem and morbid disease in western countries irregular food patter, and life style can causes mainly obesity roughly we can decide the status of person weight according the BMI meter we can calculate the body mass index by a simple calculator this is a body and height related ration they can give us a roughly idea of extra weight.
In obesity we can know that very few medicines who IS FDA approved and having lot of side effect now we can introduce the homeopathy which is very benefit and reliable treatment option in weight loss.
homeopathy mainly work on the persons BMR (Basal metabolic rate) basal metabolic rate is the resting energy consumed by a person, If a person having low BMR they are very prone to have extra weight or having obesity so homeopathy medicine directly focus on the person weight there is lot of indicating medicine who can increase the BMR and control the hunger with the help of all kind of homeopathy medicine we can easily reduce the weights effectively on a average a person can reduce the 3 to 8 kg in a month.
along with the homeopathy treatment we can advice some general management for weight loss like we can prescribe the physical exercise according the person stamina and age like we can start from the simple walking to running and some weight lifting exercise also, and we provide the advanced diet consultation for a patients with the all three person can easily lose weight effectively.
After the completion of the treatment we can prescribe the maintenance therapy which can long last according the present condition of the patient. by the homeopathy lot of person get benefited till now and withdraw surgery which is very costly and risky too.
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