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Everything you wanted to know about morbid obesity

A lot of money is spent every year in treating those suffering from obesity. Most developed nations are also on the list of countries spending money on the treatment of people affected with the same.

Morbid obesity refers to those individuals who are overweight and has surpassed their ideal body weight. It is a fact that stoutness has turned out to be an epidemic in the 21st century. According to most reports published in the recent times, the problem has grown by more than 40 percent and it is expected that a rising trend can be seen thus making obesity one of the major killers in different parts of the world.

This problem proves to be detrimental for the well being and overall health of an individual. Obesity is often connected to a wide range of illnesses. As a result, millions of patients across the globe are suffering from different associated diseases like heart disease, asthma, low back pain, diabetes, sleep apnoea, osteoarthritis etc.

The other diseases associated with this include infertility, cancer, hypertension, reflux, etc. It is said that about 45 health problems are related to obesity, which is a consequence of the raised BMI. Additionally, many other disease processes can even arise directly as a consequence of morbid obesity.

Most medical practitioners describe morbid obesity as a complicated medical disorder. There are a good number of contributing factors. These are as follows.

Genetics: Genes can well be a major contributing factor in obesity. It has been researched that a chance of having morbid obesity increases if other people in your own family have been suffering from the condition.

Environment: Yes, environmental factors can even include the lifestyle behaviours. For instance, the way in which the food is cooked and the kind of job the person does and the person incorporate any kind of physical activity within his day to day life are some of the crucial factors that can influence the weight gain.

Psychological factors: It is even suggested that environmental and psychological factors can both influence the weight gain. The psychological factors can even influence the manner the people eat and what they eat. It has been researched that a lot of people eat in response to certain emotions like sadness, boredom and anger.

Last, but not the least, many people do not realize when they are full through eating. This is because these people cannot recognize when their stomach is full. Hence some individuals continue to gulp more food. Limited work outs or physical activity can result in the increased weight gain.
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