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No excuse fitness workouts in a boot camp for a healthy living

Come out of your past and live a healthier and fitter life in the present as well as in the future by burning excess fat and calories in an optimal manner. A healthy body is what every woman dreams about to live happily and most importantly for leading a successful life. Women today are faced with a lot of health related issues like overweight, hypertension, diabetes etc. The root cause of all these ailments stem from the obesity related diseases and losing weight the natural way is the first step to reclaiming your health. A live-in boot camp (also known as a weight loss retreat) in an outdoor setting in the mountains will be of great help for you to attain a slim, slender and above all a healthier body, without any fat. Cat Smiley, an acclaimed celebrity fitness coach and 3 times Canadian trainer of the year award winner helps women in the age group of 18-35 reach their highest fitness levels by participating in a tailored weight loss retreat in the world class mountain resort of Whistler, BC.
An important part of one such fitness camp or a live-in weight loss retreat is the planned nutrition and diet which provides a woman with added energy through a balanced intake of proteins, carbohydrates, minerals, salts and water. Here you also get to learn about cooking through the culinary classes and different types of vegetarian weight loss diet which is rich in carbohydrates and fiber and provide a woman with the added energy. The formula for staying fit and healthy is by following a strict diet and a well-balanced exercise routine. A celebrity personal trainer like Cat Smiley can be of immense help as she would take you through a set of tailor made weight loss programs all designed in a way to transform you into a healthier and able bodied women without compromising on those bold and sexy curves which you had always dreamt of acquiring. In our weight loss retreat held in the mountains of Whistler, you are taken through the best vegetarian cooking classes and also get smart tips about healthy eating. Some of the top fitness trainers of Canada are there to guide you and help you with a one on one fitness session with a weight loss instructor.
Boot camps and workout clinics are a great way to find the fittest part of yourself and that too by enjoying in the scenic backdrop of mountain peaks and having loads of fun. In a live-in weight loss retreat, you get to interact with a lot of other women, married & single and get to know about their lives and make everlasting friends. You learn new dishes through the cooking classes and all about healthy eating and disciplined lifestyle. So it is here where you get an optimal body shape by following the no excuse workouts given by the leading fitness coaches and celebrity trainers of Canada. By attending our weight loss camp you will feel and look better after the first day, and by the end of the month, will be up to 20lbs lighter or more.
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