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Does Losing Weight Before Gastric Bypass Surgery Help?

Bariatric surgery, including all its types, should be regarded as a useful tool. The long-term difference is made by the patient, by the commitment to his/her diet and exercise plan. What gastric bypass surgery does for example, is that it limits the intake of calories and nutrients ensuring an easier and more effective weight loss. The clinical team of weight loss surgeons in Los Angeles recommends patients to start implementing healthy eating habits before the actual operation, as this only increases chances for lasting success.

How Pre-operation Weight Loss Helps
The post-operative shock can be overwhelming if it catches you unprepared. The changes diet brings right after the operation are dramatic and it is known that patients who are not ready for this step, are prone to low moods and depression.
  1. On the patient's side: acquiring habits that may result in weight loss before you undergo a gastric bypass will make the transition easier and the shock smaller. You can expect a friendlier reaction of your body if that was previously prepared for smaller meals.
  2. On the medical team's side: it is easier, not to mention safer, to perform gastric bypass in case the patient has already begun a low calorie diet and has already lost some weight. This happens because a diet high in proteins and low in calories may help the liver get smaller. As a direct consequence, not only the operation is made easier, but recovery time is also reduced.
It is obvious that losing weight prior to gastric bypass reduces the risks of complications and improves the capacity of the body to heal and regenerate.

How to Lose Weight Prior to Operation
The most effective way to weight loss before gastric bypass is to adopt a diet rich in proteins. Liquid protein supplements can be used as well. The general guidelines are 800-1,500 calories, 70-120 grams of protein per day. The following foods are recommended for their nutritional value:
  • Lean meats and poultry (turkey, chicken)
  • Fresh vegetables, prepared by steaming or baking
  • Fresh fruits
  • Protein and vitamin supplements
As a general advice, do not expect miracles from gastric bypass surgery only. Your seriousness, commitment and ability to focus are the very conditions of a successful weight loss. Learning healthy eating habits before operation will only increase your chances to achieve your goal.
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