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Quick Weight Loss Results

Obviously you are looking for quick weight loss results! In my opinion there is only one way to achieve quick results and at the same time create a new and lasting lifestyle change. I have personally been on many diets. A couple of diets that I tried showed short term results.

When I say short term I am referring to the loss of weight and then in half the time putting it back on again. This out come is inevitable. Don't let diet or weight loss programs tell you differently. I tried the Atkins diet for example. Everything went well for the first couple of months before the realization that I couldn't keep my current eating habits up. The program was built for a person with an extremist type approach to life. Just a hint, their are not many successful people that have extremist type personalities.

I am a believer in the protein based weight loss approach. What I have discovered recently is that there are well balanced protein based alternatives to quick weight loss results. A person can achieve quick and lasting weight loss with a combination between protein and fiber based weight loss.

I have personally lost many pounds in quite a short period of time. I have a ton of energy, and the part that excites me the most, is I really only had to make small modifications to my current lifestyle. As I write this I am having a coffee with, yes, sugar! and eating a short bread cookie!

Don't for one minute think that this is a common occurrence, well to be honest the coffee and sugar is a twice daily ! I live my life now with the basics. Lean meats such as chicken, beef , pork and fish usually twice a week. I eat all the vegetables I want and the only fruits I avoid are bananas and that's pretty well it.

Pasta, most breads, pastry's and potato's are foods that I avoid. I start a typical work day with two pieces of sprouted grain bread, toasted with organic peanut butter. Non work days I might have sausages and eggs or two poached eggs on one slice of toast.

I do indulge now and again for instance with pasta, but I try and keep these items to special occasions. A special occasion for me is when I feel I can't go on unless I have my lasagna. In that case I have some with garlic bread and for dinner, but it ends there. Absolutely no left overs.

Hey! I didn't say it was going to be a cake walk! Oh! did I mention walk? That is the other component to quick weight loss results. I run and walk 30 minutes 5-6 times a week. You need to exercise to accelerate quick weight loss. Their is no other way to achieve continuous long term results without some form of exercise.

In good health Charles N Lambert

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