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Does Sensa Work? - The Story Of Leptin

Do you think you are overweight because you overeat?  You probably have seen the Sensa info-commercial.  If you haven’t, then I’ll let you know, Sensa is a new weight loss product.  From the commercial you see the use of this product being demonstrated by a person sprinkling this on their food, much like you  would sprinkle salt or pepper.  The claim is eating this with your food will send a signal to your brain making you feel full, so you eat less than you normally will.  But does Sensa work?  Is this mechanism possible?

I do not claim to know exactly how Sensa works.  What I do know is the area of your brain that’s responsible for controlling hunger is the hypothalamus.  How does the hypothalamus control hunger?  Well, scientist have studied this and have found it involves a protein called leptin.  As we eat our fat cells release leptin into the bloodstream.  As we eat more, fat cells release more leptin.  Eventually the hypothalamus senses these increased levels of leptin and the hypothalamus because stimulated enough to send a signal through our nervous system that decreases our appetite decreases and we stop eating. 

So yes, I think it’s very possible that Sensa does work.

However, even though I do think Sensa can work to control hunger this does not necessarily mean I think it is the best method for controlling your weight. 

The Hypothalamus controls a lot more than just the function of appetite.  This gland also controls or has a role in fluid intake, blood pressure, body temperature, digestion just to name a few of the bodily functions it helps regulate through the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems. I do think Sensa will decrease your appetite but I think its probably has very broad effects over all the functions of the hypothalamus. 

You probably can lose weight by using Sensa but do you really want to depend on this product?  Even though I told you I think Sensa does work do you want to be putting this product on your food for the rest of your life?  Not knowing what negative effects it might have on the rest of your system?  Maybe you will lose weight but when you stop using it you will just gain your weight back, because you never improved yourself, you never educated yourself.  All you did was use a product to artificially lose weight.  Or what if they stop making Sensa?  If you have weight loss goals, you would be far better off to get yourself on a weight loss program. 


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