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Weight Loss Over 40

weight loss over 40

Understanding your bodies internal mechanisms, such as metabolism, will tip the scales in your favor resulting in consistent weight loss over 40.

Metabolism is one of the body's fat burning internal mechanisms that can play a major role in weight gain and weight loss over 40. As we age our metabolism has a tendency to lose steam. Why? you may be surprised to learn it has less to do with a long standing myth that people gain weight or lose weight do to a fast or slow metabolic rate.

What is metabolism ? Metabolism is the rate at which the body burns calories. Basal metabolic rate accounts for over 60% of our bodies calorie burn. The basal metabolic rate is the amount of calories the body burns performing every day life supporting functions such as respiration and blood circulation. Over the duration of ones life the basal metabolic rate fluctuates very little. This poses an interesting question! If your basal metabolic rate changes very little, meaning your bodies bench mark for burning calories stays fairly constant, then what makes you fat.

When people age priorities tend to change, physical activities start to take a back seat to raising families and careers, in turn the ratio between muscle mass and fat changes. Muscle mass starts to decline while fat is on the rise, in the process slowing down the bodies effectiveness at burning calories weight gain becomes more prevalent and weight loss over 40 becomes more difficult.

Remember 60% of our metabolic rate fluctuates very little. Physical activity, muscle mass and lifestyle are three variables that make up the other 40%. This is the category that under performs as we age.

To achieve weight loss over 40 you need to make some important lifestyle changes, become more active, walk, jog, run, bike, hike at least 30 minutes a day. Weight training is essential to building muscle which is a fat burning machine.

Last but not least, find a weight loss plan that will get your eating habits back in line. Stay away from extreme approaches to weight loss. If you don't see yourself eating the weight loss plans menu for the rest of your life then the program isn't for you. Time after time weight loss studies report that the majority of weight loss participants are repeat offenders. Most weight loss participants gain all their weight back plus some added bonus pounds over a four year cycle.

Remember! Work that 40% of your metabolism that you do have control over and achieve weight loss over 40 so that you can feel good over 40.

Cheers Mike.

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