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College Students! Learn How To Setup A Weight Loss Workout Plan Using These 5 Simple Tips

College Students! Learn How to Setup A Weight Loss Workout Plan Using These 5 Simple Tips

An increasing numbers people have started looking for weight loss workout plans. There are a number of things you should be doing to lose weight and one of them is putting together a weight loss workout plan that fits your lifestyle. There are many different weight loss workout plans you could use but they all have generally the same things in them. To put one together you can look online, read books or see a specialist like a personal trainer or dietitian. This article will cover the basics of what you should be doing.

Weight Loss Workout Plan Tip 1 - Start Off With The Basics

If you have made excuses in the past not to workout regularly then it is high time you start with a basic weight loss workout plan. Initially, start with simple workouts then you can proceed to more difficult workouts. Before doing this though sit down and write out your objectives and goals that you want to achieve. If you don’t have a clear objective, then losing weight will be much more difficult if not impossible. Look at these goals when you get up and before you go to bed and throughout the day.

Weight Loss Workout Plan Tip 2 - Get Accustomed To Your Workout Routine

If you haven’t been working out then you want to start your weight loss workout plan slowly. Start by working out a few times a week for 30-45 minutes each day. You will want to be focusing on building some lean muscle and also doing cardio work. Your body is very good at adapting so you will want to be doing different things. At a maximum don’t follow the exact same routines for more than 3 weeks.

Weight Loss Workout Plan Tip 3 - Focus On Cardiovascular And Strength Training

For the cardio workouts you can use a treadmill, run in place or walk around your neighborhood. Start each workout with 20 minutes of cardio. For the exercises do 1 to 12 repetitions. Monday you will be working out your chest and back. You can do wall or rail push ups, one armed rows and lateral raises. Wednesday you will be working your shoulders and legs. Do floor squats and assisted lunges. On Friday you will be working your biceps and triceps. Do hammer curls and triceps extensions.

Weight Loss Workout Plan Tip 4 - Focus On Eating Healthy

Remember that your weight loss workout plan needs to be used in conjunction with a healthy diet plan. Make sure you have breakfast. Most people skip this meal and it is the most important as it gets your metabolism going. Try not to eat anything within 2 hours of going to bed since it will most likely end up as fat. Have 4 to 6 smaller meals a day and not 2 to 3 large ones. Foods that you should be looking at eating are fish, eggs, skimmed milk, oatmeal, and vitamin C enriched fruits like oranges, watermelon, apples and grapefruit and vegetables like, cabbage, broccoli and celery.

Weight Loss Workout Plan Tip 5 - Implement Your Weight Loss Plan Immediately

Once you are done with the plan, then you need to face one of the toughest tasks which is the implementation. Most people falter after reaching at this stage. By looking at the goals you have written down daily you should be able to stick with the plan. If you do falter don’t worry since that is normal. Just get back onto the plan. Eventually the weight loss workout plan you setup will work. You should start feeling and seeing the results in a few weeks.

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