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Lose The Baby Weight: Get A Better Body After Baby

Lose the Baby Weight: Get A Better Body After Baby

Along with healthy eating habits and regular exercise , without much trouble , you can achieve the same body figure what you had before pregnancy.

Most mothers want to lose baby weigth and get a better body after baby as soon as possible, but unfortunately there is no magical way to remove excess immediately after birth. However , along with healthy eating habits and regular exercise , without much trouble , you can achieve a same figure what you had before pregnancy.

Newly moms , unlike other women , should bear in mind that they need certain nutritious foods , so that mother and the baby stay healthy . Here's a list of some foods that should be taken into account , in order to regain energy and be in full force. Don t worry, those food are also good for the baby .


1# Deal with the fall of immunity

Trauma and stress at the time of delivery , starts a immune system responds through an internal inflammation . Help your body to cope with the decline in immunityby eating the proper foods . Let the daily diet be represented, for example: green tea , berries , spices, saffron and garlic , and avoid processed sugar that increases the level of sugar in the blood and causes a decline in immunity .

2# Vitamins ACDE

Note the vitamins that are of the greatest importance!

Vitamin A is lost in large amounts during lactation. You should enter 1300 micrograms per day through foods rich in this vitamin (spinach , carrots , kale ) .

Vitamin C is also transferred via the milk , and it is necessary to bring about 120 milligrams per day . Good sources include red peppers, oranges and broccoli .

Vitamin D strengthens bones, and it is produced in skin by exposure to sunlight , but many moms spend most of the day indoors , so it takes to enter about 5 micrograms a day . Eat eggs , mushrooms , milk ...

Vitamin E is good for the circulation , take about 19 milligrams per day. This vitamin is mostly in nuts (walnuts , hazelnuts , almonds) , seeds and eggs .

Potassium: many multivitamin foods do not contain this mineral , which lowers blood pressure . You need to enter about 3500 mg . Most of it is in bananas , citrus fruits , melons ...

3# Importance of calcium intake

Although there is some debate about how much calcium women who are breastfeeding should take , according to the current recommendations of the calcium intake should be the same for all women (regardless of whether they are pregnant or breastfeeding , or not).

For strong bones and teeth , making sure to get enough low- calorie dairy products and other foods that are rich in this mineral , such as figs , beans , peas , and leafy green vegetables .

A recent study has confirmed that calcium supplements do not help prevent bone loss during lactation, so try to eat foods rich in calcium, daily 1000 mg .

4# Diet and breastfeeding

If you're breastfeeding , proper diet is wary important! Most experts suggest that you add 500 calories per day to your normal diet, compared to the normal diet. Drink plenty of water , eat high-fiber foods , and avoid alcohol . Be careful what you eat , because it brings all to your baby through the milk , so if you notice that your baby has diarrhea , gas or rash , it may be due to an allergic reaction to certain foods .

If you have a " shortage " of milk , some mothers and professionals believe that some herbs , such as fenugreek seed , chamomile , fennel , stimulate the "production " of milk. Of course, before you begin to consume this tea, consult your physician .

5# Protein intake , not carbohydrate

Foods that contain a lot of protein containing a hormone that is , " fight " against hunger and makes you feel full , rather than when you enter carbohydrates . Also, many sources of protein , such as a fish , beef , eggs , are rich in iron and vitamin B12 , which returns power (What's new mom badly need !) . Just be careful and choose a thinner cut of meat , and especially pay attention to fat , because excess saturated acid will not help either in the diet or in the care of your cardiovascular health.

6# Discover the magic of fish oils

Omega 3 fatty acids from fish and fish oil supplements improve the sensory , cognitive and motor development in infants . Breast milk is rich in "good " omega -3 fatty acids - DHA and AA , which are responsible for the development of the brain in the newborn. It is recommended 0.3 to 0.5 g DHA per day , and the best source: salmon , tuna and walnuts . It also has another plus . DHA is not only good for children - it reduces occurrence of postpartum depression.


Returning in good physical shape should be the goal of every mother after birth , due to health , and for aesthetic reasons . The muscles and other soft structures in the abdomen and pelvic bottom are changed and are poor . Practice will mitigate the effects of pregnancy such as urinary incontinence , diastasis rectus abdominis , lower uterus , kidney and bladder , pain in neck and back pain , post-natal depression . It will improve your mood , circulation , posture , strength , fitness and quality of sex .

How much time after childbirth before I start exercising ?

Four weeks after a normal delivery without complications , you can go with careful training. Start with walking. In the case of caesarean section you should wait another 6-8 weeks .

During exercise be aware of your breathing . Do not hold your breath but breathe normally .

The number of repetitions of movement will depend on your subjective feeling during the execution of the exercises .

Priority is properly controlled and that the exercises rather than a large number of repetitions .

Eight to twelve repetitions is sufficient provided that the feel good .

After six weeks of giving birth you can intensify your workout .

Symptoms that indicate that you started exercising too soon after giving birth !

If you notice a powerful discharge or bleeding again although it stopped after birth may indicate that your body is not yet ready for some exercise. Be sure to contact your doctor to determine whether there are grounds for concern or is allowed to continue to practice, only slightly slower pace.

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