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Lose Belly Fat

Lose Belly Fat

The theme that attracts a huge number of fitness amateurs, and so much has been discussed about how to lose belly fat. But it seams that there is no simple and easy way to do it. Here is my complete review on that topic, and if you read cheerfully you will find the best solution for you to lose belly fat.

Lose belly fat fast - myth? / usually yes!

At every corner we are bombarded with advertisements like: " Lose weight now," " Build abs without effort ." On television, you have probably seen countless commercials. Maybe you have even tried out a guaranteed successful weight-loss schemes.

But it's time for a cold dose of reality : Quick diet with supplements and exercise programs that promise fast losing excess weight mostly do not work . It is true that some of these methods are useful for some people, but most of them do not justify its popularity. And what's worse , some of these programs will dehydrate you and burn hard earned muscle!

So forget the miraculous weight loss programs . If you want to lose body fat and build muscle, try to follow the tips in this article. It will help you to quickly and effectively get results.

Strength training for fast fat loss / build muscle to burn fat fast

To build lean muscular body, strength training is the one you shod look up to. Not treadmill or long exhausting cardio. Long low intense cardio exercises will not maintain your metabolism accelerated - in the best case you can expect acceleration lasting several hours 8 (afterbur effect) Every pound of muscle burns an additional 30-50 calories per day while you are resting!

Exercises that involve several joints / activating more muscle groups for fast fat loss

If you want to speed up your metabolism, move your isolation exercises from your training program. This will allow you to work with larger loads that will increase your strength and muscle size. Greater intensity and extent of exercise can accelerate the circulation of growth hormones and testosterone (hormones that stimulate muscle growth)

Although best known for their anabolic properties, these hormones also help your body to break down fat . Squats, deadlifts, bench press and chin-ups will help you to achieve your desired results faster than isolation exercises.

Cardiovascular exercise / chose exercises for the whole body

Exercises such as burpies, mountain climbers, jumping jacks ect. activate many muscle groups. you will be using a larger volume of muscle mass, which causes a higher oxygen consumption and increased calorie consumption and those exercises can also stimulate circulation of enzymes for burning fat.

Have you ever experienced during cardio exercise to pass comfort zone and run out of breath? This condition is known as lactate threshold and represents the point at which your body can no longer meet the demand for energy and your results are lost. When this happens, there are two options: reduce the intensity or rest.

The good news is that it is possible to raise your lactate threshold.

A good way to raise your lactate threshold is to incorporate circuit training into your workout routine.

The following is a ten-week workout routine.

• the intensity will be 55-60 % of your maximum.

• do 10-15 repetitions per series and each workout four times a week.

• first week do five strength exercises

• then two weeks eight exercises in a row.

• next three weeks 12 exercises.

• finally, the last four weeks 15 exercises in a row.

Each circuit training should include exercises for the upper and lower body. When you return to the normal mode of training, you will be more durable and lactate threshold will be much higher ...

Carefully plan your rest between sets / short rest 30 - 60 sec.

Believe it or not, but the rest time between sets significantly affects the amount of burned fat. The impact of increased levels of anabolic hormones that circulate in your body is enhanced when the rest time is less than one minute.

During intense exercise, such short rests contribute to the making of lactic acid. Although this acid is often considered a metabolic waste, increased levels of lactic acid due to shorter breaks between sets can boost muscle growth and fat burning. Unfortunately, the to much of lactic acid can strongly limit the growth of muscles, especially when you are doing series of series the same muscle group. Shorter rest simply do not allow that lactic acid to be discarded.

To avoid this, try great exercises for upper and lower body - you are doing a series of leg immediately after a series of hands, with no rest. This will allow the rest one part of the body, while others will work, and throughout the process, lactic acid levels will remain relatively high. You can do several exercises one after the other.

Instead of a conventional circuit training with smaller loads ( 40-55 % of maximum repetitions ) for a stronger cardiovascular stimulus, do six to eight complex exercises with 75-80 % of maximum repetitions. These moderately heavy weight stimulate muscle growth and at the same time you are forced to rely solely on glycogen and fat as an energy source .

Here's an example :

  • squats
  • chin ups
  • leg press
  • rest two minutes
  • bench Press
  • deadlift
  • military Press

Rest two minutes.

Do 10 repetitions of each exercise and each cycle three times.

Diet and lifestyle / vary your calorie intake

No matter how hard you train or supplements that you are taking, you must enter fewer calories if you want to lose fat . The trick is in strategy.

Evolution has programmed the body to react to hunger. To protect particular internal organs, the body stops using fat and relies on muscles. After such hard work, strict diet can lead to loss of muscle mass.

A better way for permanent fat loss and gaining muscles at same time is to vary your calorie intake.

Eat three to four days about 500 calories less than usual. Then, one to two days before the body gets used to the regime of reduced calorie intake to 500 calories eat about 300 calories more than normal. The body will feel that the famine was over and that it can return to normal metabolic processes and lead you to the normal rhythm of removing body fat. Next day again lower the caloric intake.

Eat often / 4 - 6 smaller meals

Forget the standard three meals a day. Eat at least four times a day, and the best solution would be eating 5-6 meals a day. Frequent meals keep your system in an active state. Three meals a day provide long pause, and your goal is to speed up, not slow down your metabolism. In addition, well- designed weight loss program includes breakfast as the biggest meal of the day. After sleeping, you must enter the fuel in the form of carbohydrates and complete protein .

Energy or protein bars, a piece of fruit or a protein shake will not be enough ! Egg white, oatmeal and fruits are a much better choice for breakfast .

Follow committed these few tips and you will slowly begin to notice changes in your body, of course, assuming that you train regularly and follow the appropriate diet plan.

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