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The Jennifer Hudson Diet Program

The Jennifer Hudson Diet Program

Many of you ladies out there are wondering about the Jennifer Hudson diet program.  You are probably asking yourself how she lost all that weight in such a short period.  She lost about 80 pounds and eventually went from size 16 to size 6 without jeopardizing her health.  With how beautiful she looks now, she probably have quite an effective diet program to say the least.

Well, there are millions of people around the world trying to lose weight.  Most would go to gyms to try different exercise programs only find themselves gorging on food right after gym time (they get tired so they eat afterwards beh!).  Others would try crash diet plans which can prove fatal in the end.  Given that some of them were successful in losing weight, they somehow seem to gain their weight back simply because they failed to integrate the program into their lifestyles.  What happens if after losing weight, you suddenly stop going to the gym and start eating inappropriate foods?  So keeping the weight loss program as part of your daily lifestyle is essential to maintaining the slim figure you have always hoped for.

What's the secret?  The truth is there are no secrets to the Jennifer Hudson diet program.  She lost weight by choosing the right foods to eat, having the discipline not to eat unhealthy foods, and having the dedication to follow the right exercise routine.  She publicly announced that she enrolled in a diet program called Weight Watcher Points Plus.  After successfully cutting down her weight using the said program, she became the program’s endorser in 2011.

Ok, so you want to know more about the Jennifer Hudson diet program.  Let us first try to dissect what motivated her to lose weight.  In 2006, she won an Oscar for the movie “Dream Girls” so she probably thought to herself that if she can make it to the big screen and win an Oscar while being heavy and unattractive, then she can probably do more if she was slim and sexy.

Can you imagine yourself climbing 23 flight of stairs everyday in a building instead of taking the elevator?  Well, Miss Hudson apparently had enough motivation to go through all this.  Now, that’s what I call “incorporating a weight loss program into your lifestyle” and that’s what the Jennifer Hudson Diet Program and the Weight Watcher Points Plus is all about.

The Weight Watcher Points Plus program is not just any other “diet plan” because it is not all that.  It helps inspire and change your lifestyle so you can lose weight and live normally without worries of gaining weight again.  Just like the Jennifer Hudson diet program, the Weight Watcher Points Plus will help you stave off excess baggage and keep them from coming back.

If you want to lose weight without making sacrifices and incorporating discipline then I think you should stop dreaming and move on.  Keep this in mind, there is simply no easy way out to weight loss success.  In losing weight, just like climbing the ladder in life, you should always be dedicated on what you are trying to achieve.

If you still want to know more about the Jennifer Hudson diet program, she is going to write a “weight loss memoir” book which will be released on January 2012.  The title of the book is “I Got This:  I Lost What Weighed Me Down and Found Myself”.   Hopefully, with this book, she will try to shed more details about her weight loss journey.

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