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How Weight Loss Assists In Treating Diabetes

If you're overweight I'm sure you've heard about the risk of getting diabetes. It is one of many health issues that can be altered simply by watching the food you eat and managing your weight as weight loss is extremely important in treating diabetes. Initially you may be diagnosed with prediabetes; if this is the case be thankful your doctor has caught this issue early before it turns into full blown type2 diabetes. With a few simply tweaks to your diet you can lower your blood sugar to a safe level.

Prediabetes is not as bad as type2 diabetes which can have life threatening complications such as heart disease, stroke, kidney disease, nerve disease, loss of limbs and even blindness. As you can tell, it is vital to avoid your prediabetes from developing further. While prediabetes is not as severe as full blown diabetes it can still have many of the same risks and begin to damage body tissue. The good news is that by changing your diet it is possible to reverse the prediabetes symptoms. Being overweight is a huge risk factor for getting prediabetes and type2 diabetes.

Some of the foods which assist in lowering your blood sugar are wholegrains, beans, lentils and fresh fruit and vegetables, particularly those high in fibre. By adding these foods to three meals a day you will alter your blood sugar levels dramatically and also your overall weight.

Be sure to cut out those fatty takeaway meals and if it's necessary to eat at work or someother place then endeavour to take a pre packaged meal from home. Clearly there will be times you need to eat in a restaurant and that can be handled by omitting all creamy sauces and dressings and asking for grilled meat or fish with perhaps a salad. A little vinaigrette on the side is admissable.

Keeping your fat intake under 30% of your overall daily calories intake will help your pancreas enormously and because your pancreas produces insulin it is a major factor in helping avoid your risk of getting diabetes.

It has been found that by eating at least one serving a day of greens it will lower your risk of diabetes by 10% so get plenty of spinach, chard, kale, arugula and collards. All these are wonderful additions to your plate that will not only improve your health but assist in your battle with weight loss. You can also safely add yoghurt, nuts and seeds along with the spices cinnamon, cloves and allspice.

It is actually not too difficult to get your prediabetes under control but probably the hardest part is deciding you are serious about your health and are really going to do something positive. Of course no health routine would be complete without a little light exercise and with diabetes of any kind this is especially important. Two of the easiest and most effective would be a thirty minute daily walk or a couple of simple kettlebell exercises.

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