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Paleo Diet Foods

Paleo Diet Foods

You may have heard plenty about it in magazines, newspapers and on television but what exactly are Paleo diet foods? What is the Paleo Diet and what does it include? The Paleo Diet is also termed as the hunter-gatherer diet because it is traced back to our ancestors ( in particular cavemen - Paleo Diet = Caveman Diet ). Cavemen were known to have eaten only what they could gather or were successful in hunting.

Directly because of this hunter-gathering style the cavemen obviously led much healthier lifestyles. We tend to pile preservatives and chemicals into our bodies which were not around hundreds of years ago. Day by day the popularity of paleo diet foods and the diets that include them are becoming more and more popular. Athletes seem to like the extreme detox of the Paleo Diet and they are adding to it's popularity.

I have also heard rumors that the Paleo Diet holds popularity because it is known to boost natural sex drive and strength ( as you may imagine this could seem attractive to quite a few people who have problems in this area ). As well as sex drive your overall health increase will lead to a sense of well being which is very handy when it comes to handling Anxiety problems.

So what paleo diet foods would I personally recommend, after all there are quite a few out there and every website/review seems to differ greatly. Meat will obviously rank high on the Paleo diet due to the nature of the 'hunter' within the caveman: beef of many different sorts ( sirloin steak, burgers etc. ) will work along with pork and lamb. Another big favorite ( which I can never bring myself to eat due to the cuteness ) is to use rabbit in the Paleo Diet.

There are also types of game meats which you can use on the Paleo Diet but when I tried it out I decided I wanted to keep to a budget whilst on the diet, including meats like veal were not going to help that. I choose mainly to stick around the fish section of the Paleo diet foods like bass and haddock - I found they offered more essentials for my body. Vegetables are an obvious addition and with them comes a huge choice, basically pick and mix and choose the ones you like the best - this goes for all the food-types included within the Paleo Diet.

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