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Clean Eating Diet: The Key To Weight Loss

Clean Eating Diet: The Key to Weight Loss

Have you heard of the clean eating diet? It is a relatively simple concept that involves eating foods that are closest to their natural state. They are not processed, they don't have unrecognizable ingredients in them, they are not loaded with sodium and fake fats, and they are good for you. If you want the key to permanent weight loss than the clean eating diet is for you!

So how are you doing with your eating habits early in 2012? I am hoping you set goals for yourself and you are well on your way to eating, feeling, and looking better! There are many ways to shed pounds. Some are good and some are bad. In fact, some may do permanent harm! The worst would be to slow down your metabolism by trying to starve the weight off only to eat poor food choices when you do actually eat something. That won't lead to long term weight loss! Franz tried it years ago before studying nutrition and how food affects the body. Starving yourself is the worst way to lose weight!

But, if you adopt the clean eating diet by teaching yourself how to choose and cook the right foods, you will enjoy vibrant health and natural weight loss because your body will respond to the healthy nutrients in clean foods. It's not magic at all. You very rarely see a fat vegan! A vegan is actually someone who has adopted the clean eating diet without even knowing it. A vegan chooses to eat foods that have no feet, faces, or fins. In other words they choose vegetables, fruits, legumes, nuts, seeds, and sprouted grains as the main foods for their meals.

Now Franz is not saying that the clean eating diet has to be that of a vegan, but you get the idea. If you eat foods that consist of one ingredient then you are then enjoying the benefits of the clean eating diet. And when I say diet what I really mean is a way of life. Diet has come to mean something negative when it used to mean what you eat and drink on a daily basis. In other words a way of eating was called your diet.

And why is it that the clean eating diet can help you shed pounds? When you eat foods from nature, unprocessed and without all the fake fat, sugar, and sodium, your body knows what to do with these foods. It digests them completely and uses all their energy and nutrients to fuel your body's needs. Natural foods are loaded with fiber so you eat less and feel fuller. Your body also eliminates all the waste not saving anything.

Franz's Mom and Dad are in their eighties. They have been enjoying the clean eating diet for almost thirty years, even before it was popular to do so. They have no illnesses and are enjoying life in their old age. Dad even painted the house last summer. I don't know too many folks in their eighties doing that. How about that as a testimony to the power of healthy eating habits!

The clean eating diet is just choosing foods that are closest to their natural state. If you want green beans, choose fresh beans from the produce department of your local grocery store, not canned beans. If you can't get them fresh, then at least choose a good brand of frozen beans. Franz recommends organic choices when it comes to these foods. When you eliminate the chemicals used to grow foods you are also helping your body shed weight naturally.

Try the clean eating diet and you will be well on your way to permanent weight loss and vibrant health. To start out just make small changes at first. Replace one meal with one ingredient foods, and then add more as you adjust to this new style of eating. Franz promises that if you stick with it you will never want to put another dead food in your body again!

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