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Lose Weight: Simply Dance Samba And Be Happy

Lose Weight: Simply Dance Samba And Be Happy

Weight loss and keeping fit programs are not for everyone. You have to find the thing that works for you. A few years back there was a craze for Nordic walking. I was living in Germany at the time and as Aldi were selling Nordic walking sticks I thought I'd give it a go. I joined the throngs of people marching around the local parks and got my heart rate up. I even bought a heart monitor but it was a complicated maneuver to glance at the watch thing that shows your heart rate whilst trying to keep the sticks moving properly. I enjoyed the afterglow of the exercise but I can't say I really enjoyed the process.

Having said that, any activity that puffs you out and works up a sweat is bound to be doing you good. Do it for at least 20 minutes, regularly, to reap the benefits. Everybody knows that! It's quite hard for most of us, however, to find something enjoyable enough to make you want to do it for 20 minutes on a regular basis. The expanding waistlines everywhere are testament to this.

On the other hand, talk to dancers and you'll find a group of people who seem to have a very different outlook. I'm not saying that members of a running club don't enjoy their sport or that athletes suffer their various pursuits under duress. I know there are dedicated amateurs who love their chosen exertions. But there are certain physical requirements to do these sports. You need a physique that lends itself to it, an agility and technical ability. When I run I'm a cross between a rhinoceros and a rail wagon on buckled tracks. Take a look at a group of dancers and you'll see a different picture. All shapes, sizes, ages and types of people are represented. Dancing is very inclusive and the places where you'll find it tend to be the kind of places you'd expect to have a good time: bars, clubs and parties.

Learning about a dance and dancing is rarely associated with diet, exercise or health, though you'll find that most dancers who take their hobby seriously tend to avoid alcohol while they're actually dancing. It can be pretty physical if you're in a partner dance and you're not fully in control of what your fists are doing when you do a turn or a spin! But, almost inevitably, the way dancing makes you feel and the people you associate with make it an integral part of your life. Learning to dance is a fun and relatively painless process and it's not hard to make significant progress in only a few lessons.

Being involved in such a vibrant and social activity increases your sense of wellbeing and almost unnoticeably your physical fitness and stamina improves. Sometimes new dancers find that it's their friends and associates telling them how they've changed that first alerts them to the improvements in their appearance. If you choose one of the Latin dances like Salsa or Samba then your whole attitude to life will change and you may well get swept up in a the party atmosphere that the music evokes. The dances are lively and energetic and you won't be wondering how much longer you have to endure the pain of an exercise session. Instead you’ll be disappointed at the end of each lesson and be left hungry for more.

Group classes aren't for everyone though. If you're interested in learning a dance to a high standard then you'll find that individual private lessons are probably the way to go. You can also go on workshops at home or abroad and book private tuition during the course. The price is higher but if you find a good teacher it's well worth it. On the other hand, if you want to get moving but have limited time and a tight schedule then you may find that learning to dance at home suits you better. There are several video courses available that will show you the basics and you'll still enjoy all the physical benefits. Samba is particularly suited to this form of learning because of its small steps and tight movements. Get yourself a mirror and learn to shake your booty and hips without any fear of feeling self-conscious. There are even programs directly derived from Samba that will help you lose weight by dancing!

Before any time at all you'll be brimming over with the joy of the dance and wanting to show off in public your new found ability to move like a goddess. The sound of Samba music or a lively beat will be all it takes to make you want to get up and strut your stuff. If you want to lose weight it's simple: be happy and dance.

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