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Banish The Doldrums That Come With Losing Weight

Banish the Doldrums That Come With Losing Weight

Einstein said that you cannot solve a problem from the state you were in when you created it—or something like that. I know he was talking about weight loss. He must have been because he hit the problem right on the head.

That is right: you cannot change your behavior (overeating)

without changing the emotions behind that behavior. Why have you overeaten? Is it because you are bored? Is it because you are not getting your needs met? Is it because you want something to change your mood? Is it because you can’t think of anything else to do?

On a day by day basis, anyone of these could be a statement of your life. What kind of state were you in when you created your weight?

How did you get into that state? For the most part, states are created by your reaction to exterior event or to your interpretations of what is going on in your life.

In either case, the state arose directly from the words, phrases, sentences that you created in reaction.

You may not have noticed what a chatterbox you are, but below the vocal level, you are talking away to yourself.

The overweight person has quite a few comments to make just on the subject of weight. Is this you? “I’m too fat!” “I’ll never lose weight!” “My hips are too big; my rear is too large; my belly bulges.” Is your body assaulted by insults all day long?

Since you are, by your own definition “too fat!” you have proven just how powerful you are at self-talk, driven by a repetitive stream of insulting dribble or angry phrases. In any case, we can be sure that you have not chosen to say nice, loving things to yourself.

This negative self-talk is the cause of why you have never either lost or kept weight off. Nothing about weight loss will change until you have done something about your own internal talk.

You are the master of this self-talk. Have you heard yourself saying, “I’ll only have a small piece of the Double Chocolate Cake,” or “Pasta is good for you, so I’ll finish off the last helping.” or “I’ll starve to death eating salads,” or any other version of eating when you’re not hungry, of excusing yourself with made-up stories about how good things are for you when you know very well they only lead you on to bingeing.

If you are serious about getting rid of those extra pounds and keeping them off, why consider another diet or another technique when you are already the master of self-talk.

All you need to do, is listen to yourself and make a list. Mark a big red X through the list, keep the list handy, and be prepared to stop and correct yourself when you hear those nasty comments.

Your body, your perfect slave, heard and responded to everything you said. It is not to be criticized because it was only following your directions. Perhaps an apology is in order.

Notice now, what state you were in when you were criticizing your body’s condition. No matter whether you were fearful, angry, regretful, hopeless, despairing, dejected, or numb, give it up.

Choose instead words that resonate with your desires( this, by the way, is the way to make the Law of Attraction work for you), words that make you proud of yourself, words that fill you with self-confidence; in other words, words that make you feel good.

You may choose your own, keeping in mind that your self-talk is reflecting how you will be in the believable future. Say them, like affirmations whenever you see your body in the mirror or in a reflection in a store window. Say them when you are doing some mindless task that frees you to love your body. They will shift your energy, and you will be in an energetic state.

Here are some phrases that have worked for others:

My body enjoys short bursts of exercise, and it shows.

I am thrilled to be a partner with my body.

My body delights me when I catch it by surprise.

I find many things to love about being me.

I hear people saying, “Looking Thin Now” and I commit again.

I feel what it is like to be “Looking Thin now,” and it feels good.

All your life you may have been sabotaging yourself because you did not realize how powerful your self-talk was and because you did not know about energy-defeating dull doldrums. Now you know.

It is, as it has always been—UP TO YOU!

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