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How To Burn Body Fat - Three Common Mistakes

How to Burn Body Fat  -  Three Common Mistakes

Getting a body to burn fat, for most people, is their idea of hell on earth. But hear me now, listen to me later, but believe me sometime, if you want to burn the fat, you are going to have to do a couple of things! What Franz wants to tell you about today is how to burn body fat by avoiding the common mistakes people make when trying to lose weight.

Eat Fat and You Will Get Fat!

Dietary fat consumption is not only necessary each day, it is good for you. But let me clarify that statement. I am talking about healthy fats like those from organic eggs, olive oil, organic butter, coconut oil, avocados, walnuts, and almonds. These are some of the best of the healthy fats. Your body needs these, on the cellular level, for optimal health.

What you don’t need are hydrogenated oils, and the fake fats that are in processed foods. Approximately twenty percent of the nutrition from a healthy diet should come from the healthy fats I listed above. They won’t make you fat unless you eat more than your body needs, just like any other food!

If You do Crunches Your Stomach Will Shrink!

Don’t we all wish that was true! Unfortunately you can’t just do an exercise and have your body respond like that. When you begin an exercise and healthy eating plan, you can’t predict where your body will shed the fat. It may be the first place that you want the fat to go away that will wind up being the last. You just have to continue with working out all the major muscle groups and eating properly to get the results you want.

The only effective way to burn body fat is to remove enough calories in a weeks time to burn off one to two pounds of fat. You do this by creating a small calorie deficit and by burning the rest through cardio and strength training. Do that and you will force your body to burn fat stores instead of lean muscle mass.

Starve Yourself to Burn Fat!

Don’t ever starve yourself to lose weight! It will produce a number on the scale, for a short while, but long term weight loss can only come by changing the habits that led to the weight gain in the first place. You did not get fat because you ate a healthy diet, right? Therefore you have to change! If you are unwilling to make a change then don’t bother torturing yourself with another diet to try and figure out how to burn body fat.

Do you know what a fit person thinks of fast food, sugary processed foods, snack chips like Doritos, greasy pizza, etc? They are totally disgusting to them. And do you want to know why? Because they know the harm those foods do to their body. And once you know those things, why would you put them in your body?

The best how to burn body fat method is to learn how food and exercise affect the body, and then do only those things that lead to optimal health. Starving yourself to lose weight will only get rid of lean muscle mass and water weight, but won’t get rid of the fat. Do that and you’ll only be a smaller, fatter version of your former self: no muscle mass and the metabolism of a snail!

So, if you want permanent weight loss, begin to educate yourself on how to eat a healthy diet of delicious lean proteins, healthy and fiber packed carbohydrates (they are not the enemy), and wonderfully healthy fats, ones you already like. Spend time learning about these things and you will know how to burn body fat.

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