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Low Fat Breakfast Recipes - Burn Post Baby Weight And Stay Energized

Low Fat Breakfast Recipes  -  Burn Post Baby Weight And Stay Energized

You have given birth to your precious little one, you and baby have gotten into a routine, and life is good. The only thing is, you may look at your body in a different, not so good, way now. That's totally normal for many, if not most, women after having a baby. The body has gone through many changes in those 9 months, so a good rule of thumb is to give it the same amount of time (at least) to lose your post baby weight.

A good way to boost your metabolism as well as give you energy to start your day (which we all know new moms need!), is to have a good healthy breakfast in the morning. So, in this article, we will discuss 3 different low fat breakfast recipes that are also high in either protein or fiber or both! Protein will give you energy and keep you feeling full longer, and fiber will also keep you feeling full longer and of course, also keep you more regular.

Low Fat Breakfast Recipes #1 - Breakfast Parfait

1/2 cup Fiber One cereal

1 cup frozen mangos, or any other fruit you desire

1 cup low fat yogurt (plain or vanilla)

Using a parfait glass, layer the yogurt, then cereal, then fruit. Repeat these layers until all ingredients are used up. Enjoy!

Nutritional Information: 289 calories, 4 g fat, 13 g protein, 17 g fiber.

Low Fat Breakfast Recipes #2 - Strawberry/Banana Smoothie

1 scoop whey protein powder (precision engineered, 24 g)

1/2 cup skim milk

2 ice cubes

5 strawberries, frozen, unsweetened

1/2 banana (approximately 3-4")

Put the milk and banana into the blender; add whey powder. Add the strawberries next and then the ice cubes. Pulse the blender until the ice is ground, then switch to medium blend for approximately 30 seconds. Yield: 1 serving.

Nutritional Information: 205 calories, 2 g fat, 22 g protein, 2.5 g fiber.

Low Fat Breakfast Recipes #3 - Breakfast Sandwich

1 multigrain English muffin

1/4 cup Egg Beaters

1/2 slice Kraft 2% deli cheese

1 slice Canadian bacon

Cook the Egg Beaters. Toast the English muffin. Add Egg Beaters, Canadian bacon and cheese onto the muffin; microwave for approximately 5-10 seconds to melt the cheese.

Nutritional Information: 180 calories, 3 g fat, 16 g protein, 8 g fiber.

It's nice to have some variety in your breakfast, so switch it up between these low fat breakfast recipes. They will keep you feeling full as well as energized to give you the much needed energy to help you keep up with your little bundle of joy! Remember, give yourself some time to lose your post baby weight and have patience with yourself.

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