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Lifestyle During Weight Loss

Lifestyle During Weight Loss

You've decided to change your lifestyle and lose weight? Excellent! And what are your plans? Stop eating bread, butter, potatoes and sausage? Will prepare only healthy diet dishes green? Begin to eat often, but in small portions? Written on massage, LPG and procedures for fat loss? Buy a subscription to a fitness and become a train every day? And, perhaps, to order a iherb pohudatelnye Supplements? A good strategy, but, for some reason, it does not always work.

In fact, in order to lose weight, you need small, almost imperceptible change in lifestyle. Because major changes - it is always stressful. And stress is harmful. It provokes hunger, disruptions, but, more importantly, slows metabolism and reduces your efforts to zero.

Our body is very simple: if you limit yourself, load and try, then fell on hard times - war, famine, mobilization, and better to slow down the metabolism and stock up on fat. Therefore, weight loss as a campaign that crosses the old way of life, we do not need.

Russian nutritionist Michael Ginsburg, author of "The ideal weight loss program" asserts that we must live "as before", adding to the usual routine, only three things:

• a half-hour walk, cycling, swimming, or any other good cardio you loads;

• A couple of extra hours of sleep, if you are used to sleep for 6-7 hours on weekdays;

• Low fat lunch, taken with you to work, and low-fat dinner, waiting for you at home;

Generalize the practice of treating obesity, M. Ginsburg concluded that rather lose weight the girl who can slightly "improve" their normal lives, but will at the same time fun at himself. That's why he advises his clients to walk and not run, to reduce the amount of harmful fat diet, rather than a strict diet, and a light breakfast, and not a light supper.

However, you can follow any recommendations on losing weight that suits you and enjoy the main thing - not too life changing. Used to sleeping until dinner and breakfast? Sleep, but reduced calorie lunch. Eat for dinner than during the day? Eat, but keep most of your foods are vegetables that are rich in fiber and lean meat or fish. Keep a lot as before, do not go to juices and vegetable broths. Replace only the composition of the food.

How to lead a harmonious life, staying on a diet

In any textbook on the physiology as part of a healthy life style appear sound sleep, good nutrition, exercise, and a feasible good rest. How to achieve this ideal, not throwing the body in stress? Start with the basics - sleep and rest.

Before you get on a strict diet, rethink your mode so to sleep at least 8 hours every night, and relax from work completely for at least one day a week. Judge U.S. magazine Shape Paige Weiner says that you will lose weight faster if instead of aimless seat at the TV just before going to bed. Can not live without evening show? Download them from the Internet and look in the classroom walking on cardio.

Dr. Weiner does not recommend you to go shopping or do cleaning at the weekend. Better go to meet with friends or to the movies, to develop. In growing thin man should be a good mood. Stop! And what about the food, drinks and other temptations that await you at meetings with friends? Select one dish, and eat half portions. And remember, you did not come here to eat, but for the sake of communication. In no case do not give up eating all day to get off at the party. You really come off ... and eat a lot more than you need to lose weight. It is better to train yourself to count calories and do not be lazy to ask, which is prepared from a particular dish.

Training as P. Weiner advises to turn into their main entertainment. Look cheerful kind of activity, and guided it to a pleasant sensation, and not on someone else's opinion about the benefits or harm of a workout for weight loss. If you do not satisfy him walking on the simulator, sign up for a water aerobics or dancing, there you may be fine. The main thing that class was a pleasure. If not, do not hurt yourself. Lose the stress will be harder.

Be creative and do not tune in to a series of suffering in the diet, and you are sure to become slim

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