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Cardio And Air Quality

Cardio And Air Quality

If you live in the city or near a major factory, you have probably been through some days where you feel a little lack-luster when you go outside. This is often due to air pollution slowly seeping into your blood stream. For anyways trying to develop good cardio or just lose a little weight, this can be a real problem. Here are a few of the problems with cardio and air quality not being in agreement.


Plain old cardiovascular endurance. You can not last nearly as long when your body is constantly dealing with obstructions in the air ways and filtering out nasty chemicals and other debris. You will find yourself wheezing as your increased breathing rate from exerting yourself makes you suck in even more of the nasty air. You simply can not get a good workout in when the smog rolls in.


Living in a smoggy environment will slow down your progress between workouts significantly as well. Having to fight off the nasty stuff you are breathing in puts a real strain on your respiratory tract. Your body wont want to increase its ability to take in air when you're constantly breathing in garbage! Your lungs and immune system are also closely connected; having some of this nasty stuff in your blood stream will cause your lungs to start to deteriorate as the immune system becomes stressed.


Smog affects the entire cardiovascular system and even the kidneys/liver as they filter out the toxins that come in through the lungs. This leads to almost all of your bodies systems being damaged by poor quality air. Some of the signs of being affected by smog include numbness, shortness of breath, and kidney pains. If you can not get out of that smog filled environment, you should start a diet designed to boost your immune function.

Weight loss

Having toxins in your system interrupts everything including metabolism. You will find that weight loss becomes much harder when in a polluted environment. The longer you are exposed the worse it gets too. For proper weight loss cardio, I suggest wearing some kind of air filter mask such as Respro masks. You can also try wearing simple paper filters but those only work on the larger airborne particles. Your cardio should always be done when the smog is thinnest. This time can change depending on the seasons and weather pattern so you should have a dynamic cardio schedule

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