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Biggest Supporter Or Own Worst Enemy

Biggest Supporter Or Own Worst Enemy

When it comes time to accomplish something, we can become our own biggest supporter or worst enemy. Which one are you? In order to reach your weight loss goals you have to become your own biggest support. Otherwise, you're probably setting yourself up for failure before you even begin. By asking yourself just a few questions, you can see if you could be doing more for yourself you reach your weight loss goals.

Ask yourself the following question.

1. Are the goals you set realistic and reachable?

Setting your weight loss goals at 5-10 lbs a week for most people is unrealistic. According to the Mayo clinic, its best to aim for losing just 1 to 2 lbs a week. If you set your goals as to high, when you do not reach them you will quickly become discouraged. Instead, focus on 1 lb at a time. Progress no matter how small is still progress being made. If it took more then a week or month to put the weight on, then for most people it's going to take more then a week or month to take the weight back off.

2. When you don't reach your exact goal, do you consider yourself a failure?

Lets say for example, your goal is to lose 2 lbs this week. At the end of the week you have only lost 1 lb. Do you think you failed yourself because you did not lose exactly 2 lbs? You did suceed in losing some weight. Before you start being to hard on yourself there are a couple things you need to keep in mind. As you work out, not only are you losing fat lbs but gaining muscle lbs. So you could of lost more fat lbs then the scale shows because you gained muscle lbs. There could be other reason that you have not done so well one week. Maybe you hit a plateau and need to reavaulate your calorie intake or exercise routine.

The real success is finding out what works for you and sticking to it. Having the dedication in eating healthier and working out not only helps you lose unwanted weight and live a healthier lifestyle. That is a success all in its own.

3. When you reach your goals, you do praise yourself?

Boasting to your friends and family that you lost another couple lbs, helps you feel good about yourself. People boast about pay raises, promotion, kids, and everything else under the sun. You worked hard with exercising and eating right so why not brag out it. Letting others congratulate you on your hard work can also give you the mental boost to keep working hard next week. Practicing saying in a glumy voice, "Yeah, I lost 2 lbs this week" and now say it more upbeat and excited. With one made you feel better about yourself. Yup, saying it more upbeat with a victory smile on your face. I know some people feel weird boasting about that especially to someone who might not understand what your going through. Find someone who does understand so you won't feel so weird about it. Using the buddy system does have it's advantages.

If you answered the questions honestly, then you know if you are your own biggest supporter or worst enemy. Now you know what you can be doing different so you can keep yourself on the path to your ultimate goal. Set your goals to ones that are realistic, all progess made is a success, and praise yourself when you make progess.

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