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Eat With Your Child And Lose Weight

Eat With Your Child And Lose Weight

Busy moms have this guilt of not dedicating every single moment of life to their children, we have this feeling that we're always not giving them the care they need. So, we tend to ignore ourselves in order to make use of all time we have together.

Logically this will make you lose weight, however, what really happens that you start gaining extra pounds. What really happens is that your body is starving so, whenever you eat anything, it will automatically store fat instead of burning it to help you do the regular routine you have. This fat will be stored in belly, bottom, arms, and thighs.

Now if you really want to lose weight, STOP starving yourself, stop skipping breakfast, stop eating junk, and stop not taking care of yourself. I know this seems difficult especially for moms who have toddlers less than one year but they have easy recipes.

For moms who have toddlers over one year old the best thing is to cook for both of you, the baby needs fresh, healthy food and you should take advantage from that.

Here are some recipes that you can both be enjoying together:

- Post pregnancy shake that mainly consists of banana and raspberry which have great effect on losing belly fat.

- It is also important to have snakes every 4 hours for you and the baby like:

Yogurt lollipops

Crispy apple chips "all you have to do is cutting apples into very thin slices, sprinkle some cinnamon over it and put into oven till golden and crispy.

You can also bake some sweet potato until tender, let it cool, remove the skin, cut into cubes, and then sprinkle some ground cinnamon over the top of it.

- Everyday I make a very healthy breakfast for both my 7 months old child and I consisted of an egg, processed cheese triangle, and a small portion of basic oats recipe that I prepare by just adding some boiled water to oats and leave it for only 5 minutes. You can add sugar or not but I find it great the way it is. Oats are very healthy and I was surprised that he loved it over cereals.

Also remember to eat and give your child lots of greens and fruits to make him healthy and make you lose that extra weight.

Food is essential for all of us whether young or old, you cannot stop eating to be thinner. All you have to do is starting to choose more healthy options that you will gladly offer to your kid who will be happier seeing you eat the same healthy way you want to provide for him.

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