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Tips To Surviving The Holidays While Dieting

Tips to Surviving the Holidays While Dieting

When trying to lose weight, or maintain a healthy diet plan, the holidays can certainly put a damper on your good intentions. Temptations are high for about two non-stop months. Those temptations can cause many to fall, and make excuses to start over once the festivities are over. But what’s worse is during those two months, even a gradual weight increase can equate to about 10lbs before the holidays are over, causing a lack of self-esteem, lack of ambition, and all the hard work that had already been accomplished could be destroyed.

The holiday season does not have to be a scary feeling, nor does it have to take you away from your goals. With a few tips, you can survive the celebrations and stay on track.

Plan Ahead

Host parties yourself, so that you have more control of the food offerings.

  • Create low fat dishes which everyone can enjoy
  • Offer a variety of vegetables and fruit choices with your appetizers
  • Make baked appetizers rather than fried.
  • Send left overs home with your guests, which will help limit the temptation of additional food in your home.
  • Avoid alcohol. Any type of alcohol will stifle your weight loss process. Add Mio, or Crystal Light flavor packets to water (try sparkling water), as a substitute to having a drink in hand.

Accept offers only to parties, which you can feel comfortable bringing a dish, and where you will feel comfortable avoiding alcohol.

Eat fruits or vegetables high in fiber before going to any party. The fiber will give you a sense of fullness, suppressing your appetite.

Avoid sitting at any table set with food, when socializing. Sitting at a table with food will encourage picking and eating out of habit. Stand up, and socialize away from the food.

Holding a water bottle or glass of flavored water in your hand while mingling will help with your water intake and will help you avoid the munchies.

Fill your dish with smaller potions, and be sure to start with vegetables first. Be sure that at least half your dish consists of vegetables

Maintain Your Program

Continue your exercise routine throughout the holidays. Even if you have “slipped up” with your food intake, regular exercise will help maintain your current weight and help increase your metabolism.

Drink plenty of water throughout the day. Water will help flush toxins from your body, and will help keep you full.

Maintain your regular eating schedule throughout the week. Unless you have parties’ everyday, for 2 months straight, the holiday gatherings are normally confined to the weekends and a few work events throughout the week. Don’t throw yourself off schedule everyday.

Getting through the holidays is not only about willpower, but it’s about the choices we make. Make the right one’s for yourself, and you will find yourself executing a healthy diet plan that’s right for you.

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