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New You In The New Year

New You In the New Year

How are you going to get a new you in the New Year? What are you going to do different this year than you did last year to achieve all the things you may not have? Are you headed for the gym in January to join the regulars, only to abandon them in February or March? What must you do to become one of the regular crowd that makes health and fitness a priority for the rest of your life?

Lets look at some ways to find a new you in the New Year. What can you do to make a real change in 2012?

Get Motivated!

Before starting the workouts, be sure to have a realistic plan. Really think about what you want to accomplish and be honest with yourself. You have to do things for you, not for someone else. If you have the internal motivation, then you will succeed.

Small Steps!

Don’t start running if you have not even been doing any walking. Don’t head to the gym if you have never lifted a weight before. Start walking at first and work up to walking and running, then running once you feel ready. For strength training, use body weight till you need to add more weight.

Stop Dieting!

You can’t go from a fast food and garbage diet to eating salads and chicken breasts. I would suggest that you make a few small changes at first, and add more as you are successful. Try giving up foods that are white and see how you do with that. These are foods that are usually processed and eliminating them will help you to cut some calories. If that is successful, the next week give up unhealthy drinks and just have water. And so on. Just these two steps and you will already be on your way to a new you in the New Year.

Don’t Do it Alone!

Get someone else who has similar goals to you and work at them together. You can also join a class once you are well into your fitness regimen. Having some accountability will keep you focused when you are having days that you may not feel so motivated.

Cardio is Not Enough!

Starting out with cardio will give you good results, but as you progress with your fitness you will need to strength train. But get started with the cardio and add strength training later, once the cardio exercise has become a habit. Adding muscle workouts will help you burn more fat and give you that new you in the New Year.

Plan Your Meals!

In order to stay on track with your eating plan you have to be prepared. Find a sensible eating plan that offers healthy food choices that will help you burn fat and keep you satiated. If you have the help of someone who has also been there before, you can use their expertise to make meal planning so much easier.

Have a Cheat Day!

One day a week allow yourself to indulge a little bit. Don’t go crazy but have a few things you have been craving. You can do anything for six days knowing you can enjoy yourself on the seventh. As you see more progress in your weight loss, you will find out how many less cravings you will have.

So, there are some ways to help you accomplish a new you in the New Year. Do a little soul searching, plan ahead, get motivated and you will succeed in 2012!

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