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Accept, If You Can, That Weight Loss Requires Total Mindfulness

Accept, If You Can, That Weight Loss Requires Total Mindfulness

What exactly does that mean? Total Mindfulness, in this case, means putting your mind into a state of awareness from the moment you get up until you are asleep. Relax, you usually are mindful of a whole parcel of things in a day’s time, so that is not new.

What is new about this is that your Total Mindfulness should be directed toward meeting goals, instead of spending so much time thinking about your own inadequacies and focused on how fat you are, how ugly, how disgusting, and on and on and on.

For the time being, you can set your focus on the goal of achieving that dream person you once were or fantasized yourself to be.

Make an assessment: use your internal sensing mechanism to feel what you used to feel when you were the size you prefer. (In some cases, that may require the imagined you—and that’s okay.)

Forget for the moment that your arms are flabby and feel yourself into those firm, trim, more muscular well shaped arms. It may take a little effort to remember how good your arms felt or to imagine how they could have felt. Take the time to fit into those arms.


When you are comfortable with your arms, recall what you were doing that kept you active enough to strengthen and tone your arms.

If you want an achieved goal, you can get up and do an activity or two that you know will firm up your arms. Isometrics exercises are perfect activities for creating notable arms. Almost effortless, isometrics will give you something to be proud of in only minutes a day.

Once you have achieved that feeling, you are well on the way toward an awareness that will speed you along to the trimmed down you.

Now is a good time to assess your current condition: good lower legs, heavy thighs, fat belly, balanced walk and carriage, nice waist, etc. Be honest with yourself. If you like your walk, don’t give it up, simply enhance it. If you like a little belly, firm it and enjoy it. This is, after all, your body, and it’s been waiting all your life for you to appreciate it. Think of your wonderful feet and the appealing stride they give you. Would your stride be more attractive with less weight?

Think about it—how does that feel-that recognition that losing weight connects to your whole body and your whole presentation?

Notice how Mindfulness gives you a way to create a vision of the whole you to add to the idea of losing weight. You may find yourself being more motivated to say, “yes” to great fresh food and “no” to junky quick-fixes.

You might find yourself doing a few quick isometrics while watching your favorite show on TV, instead of snacking on an endless supply of cookies loaded with High Fructose Corn Syrup. You might find yourself practicing holding your head high and your shoulders back as you stroll in front of a mirror or down a hallway.

In time you will notice that you are actually on an adventure, which is often enjoyable, especially as you reach almost every goal you set, when the results seem to appear almost effortlessly, and while you come ever closer to that dream identity of you.

Having started every day with the desire to lose weight and to reach a size that will please you, you will Mindfully use thoughts and minutes to take you happily through the day and find yourself falling into sleep very Mindful of what you doing for yourself.

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