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Weight Reduction

Weight Reduction

With proper planning we can reduce our excess weight. Excess weight is also known as obesity. Excess weight is very common because it is neglected in the beginning. The reasons are many for excess weight. Fatty foods , relaxation without exercise, sleeping after food causes weight increase.. losing excess weight by decreasing favorite foods and physical exercise is a very difficult if not planned properly.

Find out height and weight:

Obese people have to measure their height and weight. So, check out your weight for your height. The height and weight tables indicate ideal weight for height, based on gender, age. Plan weight you have to lose then divide it into small and reachable goals. Two kilos per month is an ideal weight loss. This too is not that easy. It needs a lot of motivation, determination and absolute planning. Take professional guidance for diet and exercise. Choose a gym or health club and make friends with like-minded people. Take professional advice and help- without any fear. You have to work hard to reach your goal with full satisfaction.

The perfect plan:

Frame your diet sheet and follow it with perfection.. Consult your dietician and your fitness trainer or family doctor and find out from them whether your diet and your exercise schedule are suitable for you.

Change your diet to a balanced diet and do the following:

1. Decrease the cereal intake in your diet at least to half.

2. Decrease or stop - sweets, desserts and snacks etc., in the parties, birth day parties at home and office.

3. Reduce oil to the lowest level while cooking or during lunch or dinner.

4. Increase your activity by running or walking whenever or wherever necessary in the house, office and at other work places.

5. Do not sleep after eating lunch or dinner. Sleeping habit after lunch or dinner makes one fatty and decreases activity.

Perfect diet:

Follow the guidelines of the perfect diet - food groups you can include by consulting a dietician. If you are a non-vegetarian replace the meat and eggs with milk, nuts, dried fruits and fruits. If you are a vegetarian when ever you are hungry eat salad vegetables, drink water, butter milk etc., Eat one or two meals per day and fast at-least one day per week and plan fasting at least seven days per month.

Obesity is associated with various diseases like heart attacks, blood pressure, body pains etc.,By following the perfect method/s obese people can decrease their weight and increase their health, wealth and happiness to their perfect satisfaction.

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